What is a barrier washer? What are its application and primary benefits?

Published on November 28th, 2022 | By Admin
barrier washer

Commercial kitchen equipment guarantees safety for heavy-duty use. In this blog learn about barrier washers and their use in major industries in India. 

Commercial washers and dryers are one of the most important industrial kitchen equipment available in a wide range of sizes, forms, & capabilities. However, some of them are ideal for specific requirements and sectors. Barrier Washers fall under this category of the industrial washer since they were created expressly to satisfy the requirements of particular businesses and markets. Let’s try to determine which sectors require barrier washers.

Barrier washers are commercial washers and dryers having two doors. One helps to load clothes, and linens before the washing and extraction procedure begin. The other is in use to dump them after the cycle is complete.

What is the use of barrier washers?

Barrier washers are the perfect answer for locations that need to achieve a high degree of cleanliness since they entirely separate dirty and clean linen, lowering the risk of cross-contamination in linen.

For nursing homes, hospitals, food production, and pharmaceutical locations where there is a strong necessity to reduce cross-contamination from linen, barrier washers are the best cleaning solution. According to commercial kitchen equipment supplier in kolkata, these appliances are crucial to businesses to streamline their operations. 

Barrier washers have a split access system in which dirty laundry goes into one side. Furthermore, they can only be removed from the machine’s opposite, “clean” side, at the conclusion of the cycle. In hospital theatre linen laundries, barrier washer-extractors lower the danger of Hospital-Acquired-Infection (HAI).

How do commercial washers help in your restaurant business?

Anyone working in the hospitality sector is aware that adding the final touches is a crucial step in wowing customers and differentiating your company. Overall, you can serve more customers, offer a better dining experience, and boost profitability for your business by being efficient, clean, and well-presented.  Hotel kitchen equipment services provider will assist in elevating your catering company, restaurant, or café to the next level when it comes to outperforming the competition and providing excellent service.

Advantages of a Barrier Washer

Respect for the HACCP principles or the International Food Standard as they relate to “step ahead.”

  • The laundry is physically divided into a dirty section and a clean area by a wall.
  • There is no chance of dirty and clean linen coming into contact or crossing.
  • To avoid airborne recontamination, there is an option to generate distinct atmosphere pressures between clean and contaminated locations.
  • Programmes that are specifically “hygienic” for decontaminating laundry.
  • Provides the best defence against illness spread.


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