What Are The Needs For Maintaining Common Kitchen Equipment?

Published on June 17th, 2022 | By Admin
Kitchen Equipment

No kitchen is complete without essential kitchen appliances. And we must maintain them in the right way. Read this blog and know more about maintaining it.

Pursuing cooking as a profession requires a multitude of skills. And one of the most significant ones is keeping Indian restaurant equipment functional. An unexpected mistake can lead to the failure of a successful restaurant.

Kitchen Appliance Maintenance Checklist For You 

1. Duct Clean And Vent Hood 

To eliminate grease building up from grease-laden vapours, you must hire a qualified contractor. The vent hood as well as the duct deserve a prior cleaning. Hiring a certified cleaning service is the ideal fit for them. One needs to perform this frequently like every six months. Hotel kitchen equipment in Kolkata will function at its best when you never skip its service dates. 

2. Cleaning of grease filters

Grease often accumulates in these filters because of the oily vapours flowing into the hood. These filters are ideal for reducing the collection of grease that reaches directly the duct. While it does effective cleaning, grease filters require an optimum cleaning. The grease filter in your kitchen equipment needs cleaning once every week. There are restaurants that clean the filters during the night, thereby reducing the risk of fire. 

3. Automatic extinguishing system service 

Also known as the ANSUL system, the automatic extinguishing system is possible only by a qualified contractor. The AES service of your Indian kitchen tools is eligible after six months. Industrial testing shows that these services ensure that all components are in place and are working properly. Such installations also help you in case of a fire. 

4. Inspecting deep fat fryer 

People handling commercial kitchens know that the deep fat fryer is a great fire hazard. In order to prevent such situations, one must clean the deep fat fryer efficiently. In fact, one must follow the manufacturer’s recommendations including regular cleaning of its interior. Make sure to inspect the fryer with the help of a qualified commercial kitchen tools contractor. 

5. Floor maintenance 

Just like any other appliance, your kitchen floor also demands proper cleaning. Most people tend to overlook this but it is a significant activity in maintaining a commercial kitchen. In fact, the floor is something that comes to use more than any other cooking appliance. It is critical that you scrub the floors thoroughly with a deck brush almost regularly. 


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