Tips To Design A Professional Layout For Your Commercial Kitchen Restaurant

Published on June 24th, 2022 | By Admin
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Planning a commercial kitchen restaurant setup is different from an ordinary kitchen. Read this blog and know what type of planning to do while designing kitchen layouts.

Whether you open a new restaurant or remodel your existing one, there is a plethora of thought that goes into it. Planning a safe kitchen layout having commercial kitchen equipment India is no big deal with expert guidance. So, dive deep into this comprehensive guide. 

How To Plan A Commerical Layout For Kitchen Restaurants? 

It is significant to understand certain primary elements of the restaurant before discussing the commercial kitchen appliances

1. Consider the menu 

Commonly, you need to consider your menu first. After all, your kitchen is a place where you will store all your menu. Moreover, preparation and cooking also take place here. Hence, your kitchen design depends completely on the type of food you are serving. Before moving forward with commercial kitchen layouts, make sure to talk to your chef. 

2. Comprehend the space 

As a rule of thumb, the dining room to kitchen space kitchen ratio is 60 to 40. The smaller portion remains for the kitchen. However, this can vary significantly on the type of venue along with the available space. When working with a small kitchen setup, you will have to be ready for a lot of compromises. Take measurements of the kitchen space before beginning to work on your designs. 

3. Know your safety regulations and local health codes 

Finally, you must understand your safety codes and local health inside and out. You may have to secure all the accurate restaurant permits and licences for your professional kitchen. This will incorporate everything from occupancy certificates to wastewater and dumpster placement permits. You must also keep in mind that licences may vary depending on your restaurant location. 

Top 2 Elements Of A Commercial Commercial Appliances

1. Delivery 

Every kitchen requires a delivery space from the vendors can easily receive products. Ensure that your kitchen has a clear area for both shipping and receiving food. While this area must lie close to the storage space, the delivery counter must not be inside the kitchen’s working space. 

2. Food Preparation 

You are most likely to need various food preparation areas depending on the type of food you are serving. This is particularly critical if you cater for your guests having strict dietary needs or food allergies. When you want to design your food prep zones, make sure each has complete counter space. 


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