What are the key advantages of cold storage setup: why is it important?

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Cold Storage Setup Cost

Did you know that cold storage good provides many advantages? If not, read the blog below to get a clear idea of the many benefits attached to a cold storage setup

The most effective place to store perishable goods in quantity, especially fruits and vegetables, is a cold storage facility. By regulating different gases and preserving an appropriate temperature and humidity level inside the storage system, it is easy to keep such goods in a fresh state. The food industry can profit from cold storage, as can a wide range of other industries, including those in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical sectors.

Listing down the benefits of cold storage Setup

1. Fruits and vegetables’ shelf lives are easy to extend

The practice of storing perishable commodities at lower-than-usual temperatures is common as “cold storage“. In order to retain the post-harvest produce, there is warehouse refrigeration and controlled environment storage. Here, various gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen are controlled using precision devices and precise sensors.

2. Temperature Management

Customers who use cold storage facilities have a wide range of preferences. Temperature controls are readily available in cold storage and can be useful for a variety of products, including fruits, vegetables, pharmaceuticals, etc. Temperature controls that can be checked and adjusted remotely can be added to cold storage refrigeration systems.

3.  Cost-effective

One of the most significant advantages of bulk cold storage is that it enables consumers to save a lot of money. The primary problems facing the food industry are cost-effectiveness and product longevity. Since they reduce the amount of produce that degrades, cold warehouses generate significant savings.

5. Goods Transportation

The utilisation of portable cold storage units can be quite advantageous for any businesses that need to store and move their goods at low temperatures.Transporting poultry, dairy goods, frozen foods, etc. from storage facilities to distribution centres are necessary, and that is possible at ordinary temperatures. 

How much capital must go into a cold storage setup?

Well, you will have to pay less money if you only require cold storage for one product, but you will have to pay much more if you need cold storage for many crops. You must invest anything between a few lakhs and many crores if you want to build a tiny cold storage facility.

Final Words

An emerging sector in India, the cold chain industry will grow at a 9% annual rate. The creation of an effective supply chain that incorporates a cold storage system can reduce the waste of organic items. So, you can get in touch with Bestekloza, if you are in need of cold storage equipment at affordable prices

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