The Ultimate Checklist For Necessary Restaurant Kitchen Equipment

Published on May 20th, 2022 | By Admin
Kitchen Equipment

Opening a restaurant is exciting. But there are a lot of responsibilities to fulfil along with buying the best kitchen equipment India. Here’s how to do it.

To make your restaurant successful, the initial step is to have the best kitchen equipment. Not only does it reflect your business needs but also ensures that your team can work efficiently. Given below is the list of commercial kitchen tools that are a must-have.

Ultimate Checklist For Essential Restaurant Kitchen Appliances

Food processors

In the list of essential kitchen appliances, the first thing that you need is food processors. Three main types of processors can also help you serve delicious dishes in no time. These are:

  • Batch bowl processors
  • Buffalo choppers
  • Continuos feed food processors


Every canteen business has ovens on its checklist. Additionally, different types of ovens help you sort out different activities. Convection ovens are best for cooking food rapidly but with occasional inconsistent temperatures. On the other hand, a combination oven is ideal for operation by both microwaves and conventional heating.


Similar to cooking appliances, ranges and ventilation is also an integral part of the restaurant kitchen. Thus, ask your kitchen supplier to provide you with these three things:

  • Gas ranges
  • Electric ranges
  • Ventilation


What’s a commercial kitchen without a wide range of mixers to grind food? The better you blend, the better will the dish taste. Further, the checklist of mixers in your kitchen is:

  • Countertop mixers
  • Hand mixers
  • Floor mixers


Since cooking is an art, it is common to produce a lot of wastewater. It is due to reliable sinks that cater to public requirements including hygiene. A variety of sinks are available for a good commercial kitchen. These are

  • Both bar sinks and compartment sinks
  • Drop-in units
  • Disposal sinks
  • Mop sinks
  • Handwashing sinks
  • Portable sinks

Other Kitchen Equipment You Might Need

  1. Slicers: for an ideal slicing of raw materials.
  2. Cutting boards and food prep counters
  3. Safety appliances: to further avoid problematic circumstances.
  4. Servingware
  5. Refrigerators and freezers: help in keeping food fresh for a long.
  6. Restuarant kitchen supplies
  7. Extra Storage containers: you might need them urgently, but their uses are definite.
  8. Shelving and storage racks: where you can store additional food items.
  9. Steam tables
  10. Microwaves: for warming as well as baking dishes.
  11. Ice makers: to make ice for desserts, ice creams, and other dishes.
  12. Electric grills as well as gas
  13. Washing tools: ensures proper cleaning of utensils
  14. Steam tables
  15. Kitchen display system: helps in keeping a track of orders as well as their prices.

To Conclude

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