Tips To Look For The Right Set Of Kitchen Equipment For Hotels!

Published on May 27th, 2022 | By Admin
Kitchen Equipment

To make a restaurant kitchen spacious and functional, it is necessary to choose the right kitchen equipment, Kolkata. Here are some tips that will help you.

When it comes to a hotel’s kitchen facilities, you are required to strike a balance between indulgence and practicality. The best kitchen equipment supplier in Kolkata points out the benefits of having the right set of equipment.  

6 Factors To Consider When Selecting Kitchen Tools

1. Is Your Equipment Ideal For A Hotel Kitchen?

Whether you know it or not, domestic appliances are never a good idea for commercial kitchens. Because such equipment is unable to keep up with the everyday requirements of commercial kitchens. Additionally, most manufacturers do not honour warranties for domestic kitchen tools. Especially when you use it for commercial purposes. 

2. Do They Serve Your Purpose?

Does your catering appliance meet demand and can produce food in bulk quantities? Because professional kitchens need tools that have 100% productivity. It is significant that you not only consider their size and quality but also their power capabilities. Equipment that is less powerful can’t keep up with such haste. 

3. How Energy-Efficient They Are?

Kitchen equipment pays to consider the entire lifetime cost rather than stressing the up-front costs. Commercial kitchens tend to consume more than 2.5 times of energy per square foot. However, there is a demand for significant savings options in such kitchens. Buy appliances that can save upto 20% of your energy bills. 

4. Do They Meet Food Safety Requirements?

In countries like the UK and the USA, there are more than a million cases of food poising in one year. Hence, your kitchen equipment must be able to meet the requirements of health safety. Another reason why is it necessary is because it can risk the reputation of your restaurant/hotel. 

5. Are They Future-Proof? 

Businesses with ambitious expansion plans should opt for catering equipment that can grow with them. Check if there is a new model coming out anytime soon. If yes, it is worth waiting a couple of days to invest in the latest kit. Current models have a fewer chance of replacements. 

6. Will They Fit In The Existing Space?

Consider the space you have at present and if any new equipment will work alongside the current layout. Essential kitchen appliances can offer a more practical solution where space is an important consideration. Likewise, multi-functional tools such as combi-ovens offer an excellent space-efficient solution. 


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