The New Age Commercial Kitchen Designs Are Maximizing Production

Published on September 19th, 2014 | By Admin

Leading hospitality companies are investing in proper kitchen designing so that the utility and function can be maximised. New age technology is implemented in making the kitchen equipments which are suitable for the modern commercial kitchen design.

A commercial kitchen consists of several cooking stations and apt equipments. These all depend on the type of cuisine and preparation technique are being used. The size of the kitchen also depends on the number of people a restaurant serves. Commercial kitchens typically are much larger than the residential kitchens.

Commercial Kitchen Design
Commercial Kitchen Design


The type of cuisine a restaurant offers decides the preparation and cooking stations. Catering, baking, grill and sauté are the necessary stations. Each of the stations is equipped with serving dishes, equipments and the necessary space for preparing the dish. Some restaurants have commercial teaching kitchens where trainees learn. The commercial kitchen design vary from place to place and are well suited to the needs of the owner.


The equipments used by the commercial kitchens are very different from those of the residential kitchens. These commercial equipments are suitable for large-scale food production.

Kitchen Layout

As the ways of preparing food in commercial kitchens differ from that of a residential thus the commercial kitchen designs are very different. Additional electric and natural gas outlets are also required for an efficient kitchen layout. Cooling units like the refrigerators are also very important because both cooked and uncooked food need to be stored.


Safety is very important and given much attention in commercial kitchens. Exhaust fans are mandatory over the cooktops. Automatic sensor controlled fire restraint systems must be installed. Potential damp areas need non slip flooring. Padded flooring must be installed in the places where the employees have to stand for a prolonged periods of time. Fire retardants and controllers are a must.

Health Code Requirements

Cooked and uncooked food as well as the materials and spices used in preparation of dishes need to be stored properly. This preserves the food and keeps it healthy. Different sinks must be installed for hand washing and food preparation. The temperatures if the dishwasher and refrigerators must be set accordingly to avoid any bacterial activity. The waste and refuses must be disposed off properly.

While planning any commercial kitchen one must keep in mind the above discussed points. The commercial kitchen design optimizes the space and maximizes the productivity.

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