Turnkey Kitchen Projects Are Transforming the 21st Century Kitchens

Published on September 23rd, 2014 | By Admin

Turnkey projects have become the first preference of the people nowadays. This is because they take care of all the aspects and deliver the completed project within an agreed time. Turnkey kitchen projects are very popular whether it is a remodelling or a completely new kitchen area.

People are often baffled by the choices provided by their interior designers. No matter how different our ways of living might be we all spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen. We all know kitchen is where the heart is. The aroma of delicious food lifts up the mood of the whole house. We entertain all our guests with mouth-watering dishes in kitchen. To make the kitchen a beautiful and cosy place most of the people turn to turnkey kitchen projects. The owner gets everything exactly like they want it while they don’t need to worry at all.

Turnkey Kitchen Projects
Turnkey Kitchen Projects

Planning for such an important part of the house requires avoiding certain common mistakes. The following are the most common 6 mistakes that should be avoided to achieve an elegant yet practical kitchen design:

1. Do not obstruct access to the kitchen triangle

The area of greatest activity where the sink, the refrigerator and the stove is placed is known as the kitchen triangle. Irrespective of the kitchen design layout the foot space of the kitchen must not be less than 10feet.

2. Do not waste storage space

Proper planning and arrangement will yield enough storage places. If this is miscalculated the kitchen will appear to be clumsy and difficult to work in.

3. Do not ignore counter top workspace

Kitchen counters are extremely important. All the preparations and the serving are done on the countertops. Their widths must be wide enough to hold several dishes at once.

4. Avoid poor lighting

Nothing is more depressing than a poorly lit kitchen. Bright and warm lighting is very important.

5. Don’t forget to ventilate

Your kitchen will appear to be dull, instead of the best in class design, if the kitchen air is stale. Thus ventilation is very important. Inexpensive ventilation systems also extend the life span of the appliances. If your kitchen opens to the living area ventilation is even more important.

6. Avoiding professionals

Designing your kitchen on your own is never a good idea. Talk to your designer and explain what you need. You can always discuss your doubts and needs with your turnkey contractors also.

Most people nowadays are investing in turnkey kitchen projects because of the various advantages of it. Bestekloza is one of the leading turnkey contractors in Kolkata. Proper planning and great quality is what you need to make your kitchen stand out from the rest of your house.

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