Looking For The Right Commercial Kitchen Layout For Restaurant?

Published on May 6th, 2022 | By Admin
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A good commercial kitchen in a restaurant requires the best set of commercial kitchen appliances. Read this blog and discover more about a kitchen layout.

The layout of a commercial kitchen can depict how smoothly the restaurant operates. When a kitchen has strategic decisions, it helps the back-of-house team to work effectively. Hence, there takes place production of high-quality meals. 

Different Types Of Commercial Kitchen Layouts 

1. Assembly Line Layout

This configuration involves a central row or island that begins with food prep and ends with a completed item. An assembly line layout fosters the production of tons of the same dish over and over again. It works best when you have multiple chefs who are responsible for their own food production process. Fast-casual chains such as Sweetgreen and Chipotle make use of an assembly line setting on the customer-facing side of the kitchen. 

2. Island Layout

The island commercial kitchen layout begins with a ring layout. Further, it adds a central cooking or preparation area. For instance, a kitchen can have storage units, washing stations as well as a food prep counter. The island setting facilitates executive chef supervision and staff communication. This kind of setup is best for restaurants that have ample kitchen space. 

3. Galley Layout 

The galley kitchen layout has an equal perimeter of stations and commercial kitchen equipment. In an extremely tight space, kitchen tools are placed along two parallel walls only. If your kitchen has a large space with a ring layout, then a galley commercial kitchen layout is the best option for you. You can also use this layout in small spaces like a food truck.

4. Zone-Style Layout

This station layout makes a special zone for each kind of activity going inside the kitchen. For instance, a restaurant can have a salad and soup station, frying station, baking station and much more. Moreover, if you have difficulty deciding on a good zone-style layout, you can consult a commercial kitchen supplier. Further, this layout helps you to hire specialized chefs for every station. 

5. Open Kitchen Layout

An open kitchen layout allows customers to see the action you are doing behind the scenes. Further, you can turn any commercial kitchen layout into this amazing configuration by simply taking down a wall. All you need is a professional who can deal with commercial kitchen equipment India. Finally, the open kitchen layout is perfect for entertaining guests. 


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