Dish-washing Tips to Maintain The Hygiene Of A Commercial Kitchen

Published on May 15th, 2020 | By Admin

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For your commercial kitchen you may have procured conveyor type dishwasher online but that is not enough. Here are hygiene tips for ideal dish-washing.

A good commercial restaurant or eatery or home delivery unit has to cater to a number of customers at a time. For this good food and good hygiene, both are equally needed. This COVID19 crisis has taught us the importance of hygiene and we always need to maintain that. For dish-washing, you may have purchased a good Conveyor Type Dishwasher Online but that is not enough. You need to maintain and take care of many other little aspects to ensure that proper hygiene is maintained. Here is a step by step process on how you can do that.

Maintaining Dish-washing Hygiene:-

Clearing Used Dishes:-

For used utensils, always clear away whatever remaining food particles there may be. Keep a garbage bin with a garbage bag and clear away the left-over with the help of disposable gloves. As soon as the garbage bag is fully close to the mouth, and place a fresh garbage bag. Always avoid keeping unwashed plates and utensils in an open space for a very long time. Food particles if they get dried on the plate takes a very long time to clear off. Moreover, it is not hygienic either.

Clean And Store The Washed Plated With Care:-

If you wash your utensils and plates, it is not enough. You also need to neatly wipe them dry post washing. Also, allot a space where you can keep washed utensils before being taken to the workstation. Also, see to it that the area is absolutely dry and there are not other used utensils or dirt around. While you dry the plates always use gloves.

The Neatness Of The Person In Charge Of Washing:-

The person who is in charge of washing must also be neat and clean to ensure total neatness.  Aprons and gloves are a must during handling of the utensils. Keeping the current situation mask is also important.

Clean Your Dishwasher:-

Your dishwasher needs regular cleaning. So no matter whether you use a high-end washing machine or not always see to it that the dishwasher is clean and there is no dirt sticking on. Always follow the procedure and instructions as given by the supplier.

So these are a few basic things we can keep in mind while washing the utensils in a commercial set-up. Alongside it is important that we buy the washing machine from a good and reliable source. If you are planning to buy dishwashing machines online Kolkata then Bestekloza is the ideal choice. Bestekloza has some of the best variety of dishwashers available at an affordable cost.

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