Commercial Kitchen Equipment You Can’t Afford To Miss

Published on November 5th, 2015 | By Admin

When you are the owner of a business such as a restaurant, bistro, or a bar, you should get some essential kitchen equipment. To run your restaurant & kitchen efficiently there are definitely some pieces of commercial restaurant equipment that you cannot afford to miss. If you do not have a large amount of capital, you can always think about taking lease from several kitchen equipment suppliers. Many suppliers provide essential kitchen equipment on lease purposes. Now, let us read about some of the essential kitchen equipment for your restaurant.


Commercial Kitchen Equipment
Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Commercial Refrigerator: For a great restaurant, fresh ingredients are the main feature. Get a multi-sectional refrigerator to save space and money. Ensure that the refrigerator has separate storage of fruits and vegetables, meat, and fish for best possible freshness.


Ice Maker: An icemaker is essential equipment for any restaurant. If you are serving beverages or you have a bar, it is mandatory to have an icemaker.


Food Processor: A food processor is quite helpful. A high capacity food processor will allow you to make dishes right before serving them with freshness guarantee.


Commercial Freezer: You can save everything such as dough, meat, fish, fresh herbs, and many desserts in a freezer without sacrificing quality. Your foodstuff will be fresh for a longest period.


Convection Oven: Another time-saving essential equipment is convection oven. Get stainless steel convection oven for your restaurant’s kitchen as it lasts longer.


Miscellaneous: A premiere utensil for any commercial kitchen is a sharp knife. Ensure that you got sharpening stone to maintain safety and efficiency.

The use of a multi use manual slicer for small final additions is attractive. Get a good quality slicer for durability.

Any professional cook knows the importance of a microwave oven. An industrial microwave can help you serve your dishes at the perfect temperature. You can also dry herbs prior to freeze them.

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