Few Tactics to Sort out Catering Equipments Effectively

Published on August 14th, 2014 | By Admin

Catering equipments are the most important accessories to run a restaurant or a catering business successfully. Here is a short guidance for you to make effective use of them and make the affairs glorious.

There are many restaurants that offer catering services on site and off site and therefore a lot of care should be put in choosing the right set of catering equipments to be used. In order to find out the appropriate choices it is important to decide on the volume of operation and the budget. Here is a short overview on the basics of buying catering equipment.

Catering Equipment
Catering Equipment

Decide if you are going to cater on-premise, off-premise, or both. Once you are clear about the scope of the catering operations you will well understand how many equipments you will actually require to run it successfully. If it is about going off the site more often then you need to arrange for the specialized catering equipments such as carriers that keep the dishes to be served hot and cold as required. There is also option to rent them if you are not a frequent off-site catering service provider.

In case it is a rather small affair then the mere essentials such as flatware, plates, glasses, serving utensils and linens can be easily carried from the restaurant and that will cut down on the total cost for sure. The only thing you should be absolutely sure about that you possess enough equipment to carry out both the operations effectively. If you just a budding up concern and not in a position to invest a great deal on the different items like linen, tables, dishes and other utensils then taking them on rent is the best decision. Now the rest lies on you to manage the affairs successfully and profitably.


Make your business successful with the right commercial kitchen equipment

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To make one’s catering business to venture in to the world of successful one then choosing of commercial kitchen equipments in an important need. It gives a stylish look and gives a decent impression to others. There many suppliers in Kolkata who provide theses kitchen supplements and appliances which will suit to the way according to one’s choice and demands.

Commercial Kitchen Equipment
Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Choosing the best kit for the kitchen which is your commercial establishment is not an easy job. The judgment of lasting and reliability of the equipments which ensures the profitability and quality of services catered by the business one is going to start. One should balance between the quality of the materials, their sustainability, price and of course the suitability of the commercial kitchen equipment worth of the service which will be provided. Whether a lot of people are employed and run your own catering service or deliver the service directly to people one should require some decent equipment.

Nowadays there are many commercial kitchen equipment suppliers and manufacturers to whom we can consult. If anyone wants to start catering business then they could acquire kitchen items from these suppliers. People should think a bit deeper on the types of kitchen that are necessary for their kitchen which look decent proper and also impress others when they are served with.Starting catering business and opening doors for a commercial kitchen can be very profitable also if anyone keep their feet on the right way. There are many commercial kitchen equipment suppliers in kolkata available who sales these kitchen apparatus like glass washer, dishwasher, and many more in variety of quality and one can spend as much as it’s possible so that you can acquire the equipments with the most reliability and long lasting effect. The profitability of this catering business literally depends on this.


Where to buy kitchen equipment in Kolkata?

Published on July 28th, 2014 | By Admin

There are several dealers who sell various kinds of kitchen equipments in Kolkata. There are several dealers who deal in kitchen equipments in Kolkata and they have their online sites as well.

Kitchen equipments are extremely essential. In fact, if you run a food business, kitchen equipment can actually make or break your business. Choosing the apt kitchen equipment is very important. While choosing the kitchen equipment.

Kitchen Equipment Kolkata
Kitchen Equipment Kolkata

While choosing the kitchen equipment you need to maintain certain things. They are as follows:

Purpose- Choosing kitchen equipment must be according to the purpose it will serve. If you are having a commercial kitchen, grill, stove, refrigerator, glass washer, dishwasher, etc are some of the must have kitchen equipments.

Price tag- You must buy the equipment according to the budget you have fixed for your venture. Search widely for the very best suppliers within your spending budget. Nevertheless, if you’re planning on buying a lot of equipment there are actually shops which will provide an incredibly significant discount.

Quality- You must never compromise on the quality of the equipments even though you are getting it at a cheaper price. Quality is something which should be always maintained.

Warranty- Warranty is another factor which you should always check. Make sure that the equipments you buy have warranty. This ensures a warranty lasting for a number of years.

There are several dealers who sell various kinds of kitchen equipment Kolkata. You may approach them for equipments if you are planning to start a food business. There are several dealers who deal in kitchen equipments in Kolkata and they have their online sites as well. One can select their required kitchen equipment from the online sites of those stores.


The perfect set of hotel kitchen equipment is the most vital element to set up your kitchen

Published on July 9th, 2014 | By Admin

The right set of catering equipment is a must have for any business related to the hospitality industry. Here is a brief on the important role they play to make the kitchen an absolutely perfect affair to carry out.

Kitchen appliances are much important product of daily use. Whether you are choosing for your domestic purpose or for professional needs, the kitchen appliances need to be chosen carefully and intelligently. Currently a wide array of kitchen equipments is available to choose from which at times leave you at a loss.

Hotel Kitchen Equipment
Hotel Kitchen Equipment

The domestic kitchen equipments are comparatively easy to choose and decide upon than those for commercial purpose. If you are choosing your hotel kitchen equipment, the foremost thing to decide is the capacity of your hotel and the average number of people you hope to serve at any given time of the day. One must carefully plan on the essentials at the beginning. Setting up a hotel in itself is a costly affair, and there is no need to add to that cost with some high priced hotel kitchen equipment which you might find useful once in a blue moon. Hotel kitchen equipments are not only those being used to cook; it also encompasses the various accessories being used in the kitchen including the products such as microwave ovens, dishwasher, electric chimneys, and more. Based on the capacity of the hotel and the size of the kitchen, it is essential one should go for the right sized equipments.

If you are planning to get catering equipment, be sure to get those which will be easy to carry around. It is important that the catering equipments are robust and can withstand harsh use. The catering business involves taking the equipments from one place to another and thus need to be designed to withstand such usage.

Thus with a little planning you can get the perfect kitchen equipment you need and also save yourself from unnecessary spending.


How do turnkey contractors work?

Published on July 7th, 2014 | By Admin

Turnkey is a very common term used in today’s world. Turnkey projects require contractors for various things to ensure functionality of overall projects.

Turnkey is a very common term used in today’s world. Let us have a detailed description on this topic so that we may have a clear idea about it. What is the meaning of turnkey? A turnkey or a turnkey project is the project which is sold after it is complete and is ready to be used. The buyer can have full control over the functionality of the project once he buys it.

Turnkey Kitchen Equipment
Turnkey Kitchen Equipment

A turnkey project is mainly based on contract where the company has the complete responsibility of designing, constructing and equipping the project entirely and making it ready to use. This makes turnkey project extremely popular among buyers. Turnkey can include several things including turnkey kitchen equipments, furnishing, providing equipments down to carpets and cabinets.

Turnkey projects require contractors for various things to ensure functionality of overall projects. One ain contractor is assigned the duty to keep an eye on sub-contractors so that the overall functionality of the project runs smoothly. Turnkey projects have good records of having success. One can reap high profits by selling turnkey projects. These kinds of projects have two fold advantages. Firstly, these projects are highly profitable. Secondly, customers are very much satisfied with such projects as they can readily use it.

There are several companies which provide turnkey services. A number of contractors and sub-contractors work as part of the several projects run by the company. Such projects are often associated with add on facilities such as a community with market, gym and similar services.


How should a Commercial kitchen be designed?

Published on July 4th, 2014 | By Admin

Commercial kitchen should be designed in such a way that everything goes on very smoothly finally yielding high profit for the restaurant business. Investing in kitchen equipments is very important and it determines the fate of the business.

Commercial kitchen should be designed in such a way that everything goes on very smoothly finally yielding high profit for the restaurant business. Apart from location of restaurant, investing in kitchen equipments is another very important aspect which determines the fate of the restaurant business. Consulting a turnkey kitchen equipment provider will help make the task much easier. The owner of the restaurant will get all necessary kitchen equipments at one place. Contacting a turnkey contractor for buying the proper commercial kitchen design will be one of the decisive factors of the restaurant business’s fate. The tailor made solution offered by the turnkey contractors will be of immense help to the owner of the restaurant.

Commercial Kitchen Design
Commercial Kitchen Design

Turnkey kitchen equipment can be divided into five categories-

• Cooking equipment
• Food handling equipment
• Food preparation equipment
• Refrigeration equipment
• Miscellaneous equipment

A turnkey contractor will help you select which type of Turnkey kitchen equipment will be perfect and profitable for you. A good turnkey kitchen service provider will always be there beside you down the years whenever you need service in your commercial kitchen.

The commercial kitchen should be designed in such a manner that chefs are very comfortable in it. They should easily find the equipments within their hand’s reach. Hence they do not have to go all around fetching the requited equipment.

For the ultimate satisfaction of the customers which will finally reap good profits to your business, hiring a professional commercial turnkey service provider is a must.


Which is the time to turn to a turnkey kitchen projects consultant?

Published on June 30th, 2014 | By Admin

If it is about finding the right set of kitchen appliances then lots of care should be taken to find out the right set of choices. The wise way to do the job efficiently is to hand it to a reputed turnkey kitchen projects consultant and one can ensure that the job will be done effectively.

Turnkey Kitchen Projects
Turnkey Kitchen Projects

The set of kitchen equipments make a kitchen a kitchen. The dearth of the effective equipments make the kitchen looks incomplete. And therefore, most importantly if someone is venturing into the restaurant business then utmost care should be put on choosing the right set of kitchen accessories as otherwise the business activities might get hampered big time. The equipments should be chosen in a way that they must add absolute value to the kitchen and the business. The best way to have the most systematic kitchen is by assigning the job to a seasoned turnkey kitchen projects consultant. This will just help one to do away with most of the worries and stress and the end result would be a perfectly designed kitchen decked with all the necessary equipments.

The efficient set of kitchen tools is as important as the essential ingredients required to prepare a particular recipe. Therefore, one should no way overlook the importance of them in making the business flourish by installing all the gadgets properly in the kitchen.

Each and every equipment has its own specific importance, however meagre it seems to be in terms of u the usage. Starting from small kitchen knife to a big sized commercial refrigerator, all the equipments are significant in their own way. The well chosen equipments create a feel good factor in the kitchen and this makes it lot more comfortable for the individuals working in it. At the same time, the specific safety guidelines should also be followed rightly while working with them. However, one need to think much on this if a professional turnkey kitchen projects consultant is employed for the purpose.


How to maintain catering equipments?

Published on June 25th, 2014 | By Admin

Catering equipments are must haves for any business operating in the service and hospitality domain. In order to make them work longer, a proper maintenance regime should be undertaken. Here are few tips to make it a successful one.

The major reason that the catering equipments tend to go through wear and tear at an early stage is the lack of proper maintenance regime. It is really important for any hospitality service related business like catering or restaurants to have a frequent maintenance itinerary in order to have the equipments in shape for a favourable period of time. Once, you maintain them properly then it is possible to gain optimum level of performance from them. There won’t be any chances of breakdown and the equipments would survive all the wear and tear of time.

Catering Equipments
Catering Equipments

It happens to be the common practice that the catering equipments go through a maintenance itinerary only when they are on the verge of breakdown. This is a wrong practice anyway as this give rise to a high bill for repair, there would be a downtime and a loss in terms of productivity and above everything the chance of dissatisfied customers. On the other hand if periodic maintenance sessions are scheduled them it would save you loads of bucks and won’t let a company to have a costly break down ordeal during the operations in an unexpected manner.

Here are few tips to consider while scheduling the maintenance,

  • Install the equipments in accordance to the specifications mentioned in the manual or by the manufacturers.
  • The equipment should be kept at a good place where it would be at utmost safety and would also ensure safety to the people operating it.
  • Always contact a professional for installing the equipment well.
  • Don’t ever try to use the equipment for a purpose it is not meant for.
  • Clean it properly at regular intervals.

Once these tips are followed properly, the catering equipments would perform great and will last for a longer time period.


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