How commercial kitchen equipment is a better option?

How commercial kitchen equipment is a better option?

Published on November 25th, 2014 | By Admin

The domestic equipments are just meant for managing the different kitchen activities to be undertaken for serving food to the family members and occasionally the guests visiting you. On the other hand the industrial or the commercial kitchen equipments are required to run the wide scale of activities to be undertaken for serving a wider network of end users.

Kitchen Equipment
Kitchen Equipment

Therefore, one should not even think about using the residential appliances for a commercial kitchen but on the contrary the commercial appliances can play a dual role serving multifarious purposes. Here are some of the principal reasons why one should opt for commercial kitchen equipments rather than using the domestic ones.

Size Matters

As the sizes of the different commercial kitchen equipment are larger than the domestic ones therefore they have the ability to cook more at a much quicker pace. This is the reason they are used in the different restaurants as the chefs need to serve to larger number of people at a time and that too at a great speed. The only thing to be kept in mind is that you need bigger storage space to keep them.

Make and Quality

Since the industrial kitchen equipments are meant for regular basis, hence the make and the body of each equipment should be such that they can sustain the wear and tears over the time. Thus the quality should also be good and in order to ensure the durability they are often made of stainless steel.

Safety Measures

The commercial kitchen equipments come with various safety measures and that is the reason they comply more to the safety norms. This is no doubt a big benefit any way as one will always feel safe and secure while using the equipment and always abide to the safety first principle.

There is no dearth of turnkey contractors who offer quality commercial kitchen equipment and hence, one should never have any difficulty in finding the right choice while it has been decided to procure some of the useful and effective ones.


Use best kitchen equipment to save money and time

Published on November 23rd, 2014 | By Admin

Did you know that you can always save a lot of time as well as money with the best cooking equipment? A little explanation will make things clear. For instance, if you think that you will save money by opting for the inferior quality of utensils, in the long run it will ultimately incur you loss. This is because the inferior quality utensils will come at cheaper rates but they won’t last for a longer period and will start either falling apart or become rusted after just a few months.

Turnkey kitchen projects
Turnkey kitchen projects

You should choose kitchen equipment according to the type of mood you mainly cook. For instance, if you love Italian, you will need more of utensils such as pasta cooking pots and strainers. If you are more into South Indian food like idly and dosa, you have to have idly making utensils and a heavy tawa for preparing crispy dosa. If you have a small family then you don’t need to buy too many utensils.

A small pressure cooker and a few utensils will be enough, but, in case, you have a big family, you can’t really do with the same number of utensils. You have to have a number of plates, big pressure cookers, several utensils and several other kitchen equipment.

Vegetable peeler, spatula, tongs, wooden spoons are some of the other important things that you simply can’t do without.

In case you want to have good quality kitchen equipments in Kolkata, get in touch with the Turnkey kitchen projects dealer. The dealer will not only provide you with the right type of kitchen equipment but will also provide maintenance.


Hotel kitchen equipment- A quick and crisp overview

Published on November 22nd, 2014 | By Admin

The choice of kitchen equipment happens to be one of the most important parts of a hotel or restaurant business and therefore, utmost care and effort should be put forward in making the selection fruitful. The hotel kitchen equipment that is mainly required includes the ones needed for the preparation, intake, storage and preservation of the different food and beverage items.The most required equipment includes refrigerators, food processors, cutlery, bakery equipment, ice machine, ventilation equipment, coffee and tea equipment and the list continues.

Hotel Kitchen Equipment
Hotel Kitchen Equipment

There are several other accessories required in a commercial kitchen and the most significant ones include the serving trolleys, sanitation equipment, maintenance and dinnerware and so on. There is also a couple of accessories required like, measuring spoons, cups, tongs, peelers, graters, whips and many more. If the choices can be made wisely then it leads to the smooth and efficient proceeding of the business.

The range of proper hotel kitchen equipment helps in a manifold way to take the business ahead. They are the key elements in accentuating the business with a distinct personality, elegance and style. The range of equipment is supposed to work to their full capacity and build up the identity of the business.

It is an essential to impart adequate training to all the staff members of the establishment in order to utilise them to the fullest. Proper servicing is required in order to maintain the durability of the appliances and thus ensure maximum productivity from them. One should be really careful about getting the dining ware as they involve the most costly part amidst the range of hotel kitchen equipment

Another sensitive and complex part includes the act of choosing the right set of eatery equipment. They comprise the finest range and hence one should get hold of a trusted supplier offering the highest quality at an affordable price.


Well chosen equipment ensure great functionality and performance of a commercial kitchen

Published on November 18th, 2014 | By Admin

The most important part of having a fully functional and the best performing commercial kitchen is to choose the various equipment for it. One should put utmost care and effort in order to set up the perfect kitchen. There is variety of kitchen appliances used and they range from refrigerators to cooking ranges and dishwashers to venting systems. If one can contact a trusted manufacturer then it is not a big deal to have good quality appliances at affordable prices. One can have wide selection of such equipment in consumer market as well and therefore have the best and create a commercial performance kitchen.

Often, it is felt that in spite of having the right appliances at the right place the requirements are not well satisfied. For instance, you are having an oven or a dishwasher perfectly working for you but you keep on missing out on something. It can be the visual appeal it is lacking and that can be worked upon at ease by making the choice carefully. Well chosen equipment will offer a unique flavour to the kitchen for sure.

Commercial Performance Kitchen
Commercial Performance Kitchen

One can have a wide collection of commercial kitchen equipment that will add up to the aesthetic value of the kitchen to a great extent. At the same time there are options which offers top of the line efficiency in comparison to the conventional choices. Thus it would be a rather easy bet to have a commercial performance kitchen.

The choices are endless ranging from countertop microwave ovens to side-by-side refrigerators. There is the special bar refrigerator facilitating storage of wines or the slick cooking range offering both the desired shine and performance to the kitchen. These equipment are stylish in their own way and are often customisable to offer a look that everyone will cherish. For instance, one can accentuate the refrigerator by adding a stainless steel black or white acrylic panel kit to the refrigerator or a custom handle.


Which services can you expect from suppliers of kitchen equipment in Kolkata?

Published on November 12th, 2014 | By Admin

The foremost goal of all organisations is offering the best quality services to their clients. The same applies for proprietors and owners who deal with hospitality and catering business and they always focus on fulfilling the requirement of the client in the best possible manner. Quality of food, ambience of the restaurant are two most important things that decide the success quotient of the business- whether it is a restaurant and hotel business or catering business serving food in all types of events. It must be kept in mind that without proper kitchen equipment, the best quality of food cannot be prepared and also cannot be served properly. They are also extremely important for hygiene and security purpose.

Kitchen Equipment in Kolkata
Kitchen Equipment in Kolkata

There are several manufacturers and suppliers of kitchen equipment in Kolkata. The best thing is that their services are not limited to their local stores but they have their presence in the Internet as well. They provide services to all types of organisations irrespective of their size. The suppliers offer a wide variety of products like a variety of glassware according to the requirement, cutlery, crockery, disposables, food transportation, furniture, products for health and safety and other heavy equipment. Since they have their online stores, you can visit their website and review each and every product in detail. Another advantage of shopping online is that you can have your best required products at discounted rates.

The manufacturers and suppliers give more discounts on their web stores so that they can reach more and more number of potential customers. Most of the suppliers do not charge any shipping charges, which mean that the kitchen equipment will be delivered at your doorstep without any delivery charges. Significantly, the services of the suppliers do not end just with the supply of these items. They offer their clients hospitality design services such as planning and designing the new kitchen. This way you can achieve a higher standard in the industry without incurring much cost.


Why Do You Need To Invest In The Best Quality Of Industrial Kitchen Equipment?

Published on November 6th, 2014 | By Admin

It is very important to understand the use and application of industrial kitchen equipment. If you have been working in a restaurant or hotel business you must know the important of various instruments that are necessary to run the business successfully. It is extremely important that the equipment are fully utilized that will provide your business with the needed boost to expand. Proper functioning of every kitchen unit will lead to output of greater quality of food.

Industrial Kitchen Equipment
Industrial Kitchen Equipment

The following are the advantages of proper industrial kitchen equipment:

Hassel free handling and running of the industrial kitchen

The industrial kitchen requires various kinds of appliances and equipment which work in symbiotic manner to produce great quality of service. It is totally different from the residential kitchen and needs reliable functioning of all the installed appliances. Thus, it is always advisable to invest in the best quality of appliances and equipment to maximize the output.

It is better that you make a list of all the equipment required by a kitchen according to their service and role and allocate funds on it accordingly. Best quality is the topmost requirement irrespective of its function.

Having discussed the benefits, it is always wise to invest in the topmost quality. These will last longer and work efficiently. The manufacturers and sellers of such equipment often provide free professional installation services and after sales services.

• It is important to find a reputed supplier

The next obvious question that comes is “what is the best way to shop for the best quality equipment?” the most powerful tool of the 21st century is the internet. It provides you with all the necessary information you need to locate the nearest supplier. You can go through their work experience, their catalogue and much more. You can find the proper supplier to provide the needed appliances.

These suppliers can work for all sorts of projects. If you wish to buy certain kinds of equipment or redo the whole kitchen the suppliers will have various kinds to plans and appliances to suit your budget. No matter what, always try and invest in the best quality of products.


Why should you choose a wholesale catering equipment trader?

Published on November 3rd, 2014 | By Admin

All those people associated with entertainment, restaurant, catering and hospitality business require proper kitchen and catering equipments. But buying these could burn a big hole in your pocket. You need to bargain and keep an eye out for various offers to save big on these. As these tools and instruments are fundamental for proper functioning of these businesses you must invest a considerable amount of money into them.

Catering Equipment
Catering Equipment

It is one of the greatest suggestions that you must look around for traders and manufacturers than blindly buying them from the very store you come across. The nature of the market or industry forces the products to reach their “ultimate user” after travelling through various stores and shop owners. This not only results in a hike in the price but at times makes it very difficult to find needed products. The ultimate buyers or owners wish for better prices and thus, can directly contact traders or manufacturers than going from one shop to another. You can buy the catering equipment from the wholesale sellers at very pocket friendly prices compared to large showrooms.

This is mainly because the wholesalers do not need luxurious and lavish showrooms or various sales-persons for assistance in finding the products. They have bulk of products stored in their storage. If you can gather the proper information which is easily available on the internet you can buy these equipments from them at very reasonable prices.

So, if you have been in the restaurant business or running a pub, buying these equipments from the wholesale trader will not only save you a lot of money but will allow you to use that money to get better at your business.

Switch to wholesale trader and invest the money you save in your business and expand. These wholesalers function nationally and you wouldn’t have to look for new wholesalers at other cities either. Thus, increase the profits by choosing the right wholesale equipment trader.


Turnkey Projects- The Futuristic Method of Construction

Published on October 30th, 2014 | By Admin

A project that is completed by the contractor and then turned over to the owner is known as a turnkey project. The term turnkey in simple words means that all the owner needs to do is turn they key and enter and the home or office which has been completely decorated and ready to be used. It is a contract base project where the contractor does the designing, construction and provides full range equipments needed by a residence or an office.

These contractors aim to provide their customers with fully developed and ready to use homes and offices. The best point which is highly praised by the customers like us is that we don’t have go through the struggle of constructing the building. The customer gets their home or office in a functional state. The turnkey contractors appoint a supervisor who divides the workload amongst various workers and keep an eye on the progress of them.

Turnkey Contractors
Turnkey Contractors

These projects are very successful as the return is speedy and requires minimum delay. These projects have twofold advantages:

1. The first advantage is that these are great for the people who do not have the time to look after the construction them. The turnkey contractors understand the needs of the owner and deliver according to their wishes.

2. The turnkey projects also provide completely furnished homes, offices and kitchens. It is exceptionally good for kitchens as remodelling or getting a new kitchen requires a lot of planning. These contractors are experienced and employ right people to produce great results.

There are various companies and firms that take up turnkey projects. A company that has enough experience will be a perfect choice to invest in. For example, Bestekloza is of the renowned names when it comes to turnkey projects for kitchen of both residential and industrial needs.


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