Commercial kitchen flooring: Important aspect of stylizing your scullery

Published on June 23rd, 2014 | By Admin

Kitchen flooring is an important aspect of designing commercial kitchen. Since the work pressure in the cooking room is large hence it is always advisable to go for stronger kitchen flooring.

You are done with buying and setting up your commercial kitchen at a suitable area in the eatery and installation of the cooking equipment is almost done. The entire set up is looking beautiful and attractive enough to pull major crowd attention. But is it complete yet? Yes, you need to sort this very fact that whether your commercial scullery is creating a good ambience and has a modern approach. So what is up next? Are you missing out the kitchen flooring? Yes, you certainly are. The kitchen flooring is considered to bring quite an impressive change to the entire set up. Apart from giving abrand new look to the appearance; the flooring works wonders in improving the ambiance of the bistro.

Commercial Performance Kitchen
Commercial Performance Kitchen

The scullery area, even in a house gets dirty due to constant exposal to heat and water. This leads to immense damage of the kitchen appliances. The kitchen floors too get exposed to certain damages owing to occasional falls of the appliances due to mishandling. Hence, it is important for every commercial kitchen to have strong yet effective kitchen flooring.

If you have made up your mind to stylize your commercial performance kitchen, then start looking for option which can come to use for satisfying your desire. You may go for designer ranges of flooring for your scullery at home but when it comes to opting for the commercial kitchen flooring it is better to be selective and take precautionary measures for emerging out with nothing but the best. Anyways, your restaurant bistro must be adequate enough with quality-efficient staff, chefs, world class equipment and effective yet stylish flooring. It is for you to make sure that you have settled for non-slip and easily washable kitchen flooring for your eatery bistro.


Why industrial kitchen equipment business in India is buoyant

Published on June 20th, 2014 | By Admin

Industrial kitchen equipment business has assumed significant proportions because of the unprecedented growth in demand for different types of food. Indians love for several varieties of food has contributed to the growth of this sector.

Business in food is always paying. Very rarely there are occasions when business of food becomes unsustainable. Food business in every form is successful in India: be it fast food chains, specialty restaurants, road side food stalls, or catering. This business does not only include food but other items also, such as crockery, cutlery, cooking appliances, and industrial kitchen equipment.

Kitchen Equipment India
Kitchen Equipment India

Cooking appliances

Commercial kitchen appliances are a self sustaining industry serving caterers, restaurants, hotels, and other eateries. These items are capital in nature and involve one time investment. However, together with these equipments consumables are also required, which once again is supplied by these kitchen equipment India manufacturers. Typical industrial kitchen items include commercial ovens, commercial microwave ovens, commercial ranges, commercial toasters, and commercial fryers. These appliances may be bought depending upon your exact requirement. Accessories and consumables are also sourced from Indian marketers.

Food service equipment

Industrial kitchen equipment not only includes cooking appliances but also food serving items. Food serving is particularly important for commercial suppliers like caterers, restaurants, and banquets. Serving trays, bowls, food warmers, hand gloves, caps, cutlery, and crockery are serving appliances used in Indian kitchens.

Commercial kitchen equipment India business is restricted to commercial houses or eateries and not to end-users. Very rarely would you find a retail customer buying a commercial fryer or a commercial range.


Get commercial scullery designs from online stores

Published on June 11th, 2014 | By Admin

If you are looking forward to get a brand new design in your restaurant scullery, then you must consider investing in the right catering equipment without which your business will fail to garner profits.

Without the perfect tools and machines, it becomes hard to make any investment in the commercial kitchen business. If it is there on your mind to set up a restaurant business then you need to consider about the various machines which would form the main backdrop of your cookery.

Commercial Kitchen Design
Commercial Kitchen Design

One thing needs to be cleared from the beginning and it is deciding upon the primary aim of your eatery. Like any business, you too aim to earn profit and that is why you have stepped forward to open your own eatery in the industry. But along with garnering profit, you should also consider building market reputation. Without gaining customer’s respect and love it won’t be possible to make profits that easily. Hence, you need to think hard of making immense effort to win maximum attention of the crowd. Becoming unsuccessful in which can lead to incurring huge loss to the business. Thereby, what you need to be concerned about in the beginning is the installation of the right catering equipment.

It is better to buy cooking appliances which are costeffective. This way you will be able to make the best use of your catering equipment and gradually your profits will be doubled. By purchasing the right equipment, you will eventually end up saving quite a lot of bucks in the long run. While ordering the equipment, it is important to check out the efficiency of them as buying inefficient equipment can lead to further loss. These days’ high quality commercial kitchen designs are available on the online catering business portals which sell premium designs at reasonable price rates.


Mass-produced Kitchen cabinetry: A great option indeed

Published on June 7th, 2014 | By Admin

If one is not able to afford customized kitchen cabinetry then he can definitely go for the mass-produced ones as they are quite cheaper compared to the above mentioned ones. Otherwise, one can also think of refinishing the existing ones. This way, a lot of could be saved.

Kitchen cabinets can work wonders in creating a great look in your scullery. If you are thinking of revamping your cooking room, then along with the ceiling floors, walls, appliances and many other important things which make up a scullery, pay heed to remodel the kitchen cabinets manufacturers as well. All the other things that have been mentioned before will cost much less in total than the cabinetry alone. That is why cabinets are not modeled every now and then. It indeed takes a lot of money to finally set the kitchen cabinetry in the desired style. Therefore, one needs to be very wise while opting out for the cabinets meant to be placed in the kitchen room in the house.

Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturers
Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturers

When it comes to shopping for the cabinets, there is plethora of choices available from which one can find the best and perfect ones quite easily. Multi-doored cabinets with different styles, textures and wood are procurable in the market and you are to choose the one among them which caters to your needs and requirements.

If you are running out of money but still need to remodel the cooking area then you can definitely do so by buying kitchen cabinets which are produced in mass units. If you think of getting the customized cabinets especially meant for your kitchen, then that can cost you quite a huge amount but if you settle for the standard ones then you end up saving a lot of bucks instead. It is a myth that the standard cabinets do not look desirable enough but the mass-produced cabinets indeed look extremely appealing and they also last longer.


Why it is important to consider leasing industrial kitchen equipment?

Published on June 5th, 2014 | By Admin

Leasing out industrial kitchen equipment is a great option to improve cash flow, enhance profitability and make way to several advantages. Here is brief overview on the various benefits put forward by the approach.

As the operating cost related to the restaurant industry tends to have a considerable hike then it certainly affects the profitability. Hence, it is quite obvious that detailed attention is paid to the cash flow and in order to generate additional income one unique approach is to lease out the industrial kitchen equipments and this is indeed a helpful option for the restaurateur to cut down on the various operating costs to certain level and conserve the cash to some extent. It can be well observed that the industry has already started implementing the approach and many of the exponents have taken the initiative to lease out the different industrial cooking appliances at any given time.

Industrial Kitchen Equipments
Industrial Kitchen Equipments

There is a great utility of the approach for the end users too as they can easily use the different useful industrial cooking equipments without actually owning them and that indeed makes a great difference in terms of cost effectiveness. Let’s now find out how?

  • The monthly payments diminish to a great extent with the lease approach and thus the cash flow improves greatly.
    • The payment can be deferred till the leased equipments are being installed.
  • It becomes easy to match the cash flow needs for the month with the payment
  • One can easily get newer, better and more efficient range of industrial cooking appliances and thus one can derive better value no doubt.
  • The bank credit line can be kept intact for more genuine requirements
  • No waiting period towards getting approval for a loan by the banker
  • As the equipments leased are not capital expenditures so there is no need to show them on the balance sheet and there is no way they would depreciate but still the energy rebates can be availed
  • The monthly payment would be treated as expenses and so tax benefit can be availed even.
  • After the term of the lease completes then one can easily move to new set of equipments.
  • Another advantage is that the leased equipment can be brought for lower cost

Organizing scullery for proper functioning

Published on May 31st, 2014 | By Admin

Many of us do not really take out time in caring about our commercial appliances and keep complaining back to the manufacturer if and when accidental issues related to the kitchen ware occur. Well, our job is not only limited to buying and utilizing the commercial kitchen appliances but we should also take care in retaining the appliances. Mostly we leave this job of cleaning and caring on the housekeepers who have been assigned to do with the work, but it is also our responsibility to keep a track of their work. Often maids fail to take proper care of appliances which is why the machineries start malfunctioning.

Commercial Kitchen Appliances
Commercial Kitchen Appliances

Cooking room is not just a room where one prepares food stuff, but it also accounts for providing the residents with proper storage of food. Now, food, being an edible item requires intense attention. A cooking set up should have proper storage facilities enabling the residents to consume fresh meals 24*7. If a scullery is well-organized then it facilitates the quick performance of the work related to cooking, garnishing, etc. Else, things might take a U-turn damaging the entire process.

The most ideal way of keeping your scullery clean and active is by replacing the old and useless items with the newer ones. It has been observed that the kitchen set up in every household is packed up with bundles of items which are of no use. This way one will be able to protect the food from getting spoiled by the useless containers. Organizing the cook-in becomes easier if it is aided by some organizational tools which are generally small holders used as smart cooking ware for storing food stuff and ingredients. By labeling each container with the name of the containing ingredients, the work becomes faster and easier.

The way it becomes important to get a quality check done before buying and installing kitchen equipment, it is also essential to take intense care of them in order to make them work for a long period of time.


What are the basics to buy kitchen equipments?

Published on May 28th, 2014 | By Admin

If one takes the decision to venture into restaurant business then the element that bothers the most is to take the shopping rounds for getting the different kitchen equipments, which are absolutely the must-have for your establishment. The equipments as induction cookers, ovens, refrigeration equipments, range hood, dishwashers form an integral part of a commercial kitchen. There are many more to add up to the list and it often becomes tiresome to get hold of each and every item spending the least and finding the best of kinds. There is several trusted kitchen equipment manufacturers in Kolkata and the other major cities and just a bit of research can take you to the most dependable one with least effort and help you find the most authentic range of appliances.

It is not really wise to zero on just anything that seems to be really economical but it is important to gain greater value for your money and getting something that is suiting your needs in the best possible way. Here are some simple yet important tips for you to find the perfect choice.

Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers
Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers

• The first and foremost aspect is to decide on the items that you will require the most. It would be better to narrow down your selection as much as you can.

• Just get the perfect measurement of the space where you want to install the appliance. This would not just help to narrow down your search but at the same time won’t clutter up your kitchen space unnecessarily.

• Doing appropriate research is the key. This would help you to gain access to the most authentic range of kitchen equipments, specific and functional ones. Another advantage would be that you will land up the best deals no doubt.

• Try to find out profitable deals. There are specific seasonal sales that grants great discount. There are also weekend, festive and end of season sale when one can really grab lucrative deals easily. There are several kitchen equipment manufacturers in Kolkata and other metros who frequently offer such gainful deals.

Although it is not the most preferred option but is of course one of the essentials in starting your establishment related to food and service industry. The ordeal turns comfortable enough only with a little homework and being patient. That indeed helps one to grab profitable deal of kitchen equipment.


Purchasing industrial cooking appliances is only viable for commercial units

Published on May 23rd, 2014 | By Admin

Buying cooking appliances for commercial establishments is not an easy job any way. Here is a short overview on the various aspects related to purchase of industrial cooking appliances.

Cooking is not only a domestic activity but also a profession. Food and cooking go hand in hand and is also a profitable business. Cooking is among those businesses which normally are successful. The variations are so enormous that there is always something new for your customers. There are restaurants that specialise in a particular type of cuisine such as Japanese, Mediterranean, Indian or Mexican. Also there are multi-cuisine restaurants that offer dishes from different countries of the world. Restaurants needing to cook different kinds of recipes must be totally prepared down to their ladles and bowls. These eateries need specially manufactured industrial cooking appliances for preparing and preserving food items.

industrial cooking appliances

These specially manufactured appliances include commercial ovens, fryers, ranges, toasters, microwaves, char broilers, and warmers. Other industrial kitchen equipments include crepe and waffle machines and commercial steamers. You might require some or all of these commercial equipments depending upon the dishes that you prepare. These appliances are either gas or electrically operated. For each of these equipments you need dedicated set of accessories. For instance, for fryers you need fry baskets, and deep fryer brushes. Filter paper, filter bags, and filter powder are consumables that are also required.

Some of these industrial cooking appliances are highly specialised and you need to choose the correct model. For example, ovens are of different types: rotisserie ovens, cheese smelters, combination ovens, and broilers. Out of these you might need one or two varieties.

Trading of industrial kitchen equipments is done on a B2B (business to business) basis. These are especially made for restaurants and their purchase only becomes viable if used extensively.


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