Why kitchen equipment are must have for the perfect kitchen

Why kitchen equipment are must have for the perfect kitchen

Published on October 20th, 2014 | By Admin

A lot of work is required to decide the perfect set of kitchen equipment for a commercial kitchen. If someone is about to open an high-end restaurant then it is really important that the equipment in the kitchen are all in right order and thus your business will have the perfect boost. There are certain considerations to be taken into account while getting the equipment. The important ones include the size and style of the kitchen, overall setting of the restaurant and so on. It is also significant that the equipment must bear the highest quality as that will enhance the service and reputation of the restaurant to a greater degree. It is a good option to make a list of the essential equipment before you go ahead with the ordeal of buying them. It would be a wise option to categorize the accessories under different heads such as cooking equipment, cleaning equipment, food preparation equipment, restaurant furniture and fixture. Try to be specific about putting the items under each category and clearly mention how many units you need to purchase.

Kitchen Equipment
Kitchen Equipment

The budget for getting all the essential equipment should also be fixed at the onset. A high upfront payment would be required in order to get all the required pieces. Therefore, it is important that you must have the money well spent. You can even sit with the Kitchen manager and head chef in order to have a precise planning on the entire affair. The durability, quality should be considered critically and thus you will be able to reap profit in the long run.

Here is a list of the most significant kitchen equipment required for running a restaurant successfully. Whatever be the scale of the restaurant, these are some of the accessories which are absolutely required for the perfect working.

  • Pots and Pans
  • Oven and Ranges
  • Utensils and Small Wares
  • Cold Storage

Where in lies the importance of catering equipment?

Published on October 10th, 2014 | By Admin

The key to success of your business is catering equipment. Whether it is a takeaway or a 5 star restaurant, equipments should be bought so that it should pass the test of time. The companies selling such equipments offer a wide range of equipment for hotels and restaurants, these can include commercial catering fryer, commercial Catering cookers and walk in cold rooms.

They are mostly made with stainless steel. This is because of this feature that they are very easy to clean. These kitchen accessories are very heavy and are delivered on a vehicle which has a tail lift to ensure that no one is hurt when they are being delivered. It should also be noted here that they suite gas and electric. However a lot of people prefer to use gas rather than electricity.

Catering Equipment
Catering Equipment

Items such as pots and pans, crockery and catering glassware and cutlery all fall under catering equipment.

The equipment necessary for various parties differs as well. You should have catering equipment for both informal and formal gatherings and events. By doing this, you will be able to supply a high quality assistance for any celebration you cater.

Besides having a complete range of kitchen accessories, there should be trained and skilful staff to handle the equipment. It is best to familiarize oneself with all the functions and features of every piece of equipment to maximize the use of this equipment. You should be knowledgeable and has sufficient know-how in selecting and utilizing the proper equipment for a particular event or activity.



How catering equipment spell the success story of catering industry?

Published on October 9th, 2014 | By Admin

Catering industry has joined the list of leading industries of the world. Catering industry has a very important role to play whether you are organising the birthday party of your child or a formal business meeting.

Without the right catering equipment, no caterer will be able to provide service properly. Catering service is not just about sumptuous delicacies but it is a specialized field including the use of a wide variety of equipments to complete the job finely.

The variety of the catering equipment include the different kinds of cookware articles that in one way or the other serve the purpose of food preparation as well as the serving of food.

Catering Equipment
Catering Equipment

These equipments are not only used by individual caterers but by the entire food industry. These are used in homes, bakeries and confectioneries, restaurants, coffee shops, etc. There are a number of equipments related to the catering purpose like knives, chopping boards, bowls and serving trays. The most commonly used equipment used in domestic purpose are the micro wave ovens, the rice cookers, the mixture grinders, etc.

However, before buying, you should look for in a catering equipment supplier. The supplier should be completely aware of all the services that you offer in order to supply you with the best catering equipment. The supplier should also be approachable as well as professional.

Talking about catering business, you can reap very good profit. The income potential of tis business is unlimited but you need to have a well-thought business plan. You need to work hard too for taking the business to new heights. Start small, be genuine, earn goodwill and maintain it. Success will kiss your feet.


Commercial kitchen design- the key to successful food business

Published on October 6th, 2014 | By Admin

For the success of the business, proper commercial kitchen design is quite important. Select a reputed commercial kitchen equipment supplier in Kolkata to design your kitchen at affordable price.

For the success of the business, proper commercial kitchen design is quite important. While designing kitchen, there are certain requirements that needs consideration. The food space is one such consideration.

Commercial Kitchen Design
Commercial Kitchen Design

In a commercial kitchen, you need to consider the number of services that are provided. Number of services include the numbers of people who are to be served, those who are expected to self service, plated services and cafeteria services.

This applies for cooking areas also. The serving should have hot and cold drinks sections. Other sections that are equally important in a food preparation section include dish and pot water sections. Cutlery and cookery area and waste removal areas. The cooking techniques that will be used will also play a very important role in how a kitchen is organized.

It should be fireproof to avoid the possibility of catching fire. This exhaust should be installed in such a way that it emits upwards through the ceiling.

You should have alternative menu if there is a space limitation.The number of customers that are served at a particular period is also very important. There may be times when the number of customers increases.There are times when the customer number increases pretty much. If it is a predictable trend then alternatives should be sought to avoid rushing and mix up that happen during such times. With all this in mind commercial kitchen design and planning will be easier.

There are several commercial kitchen equipment suppliers in Kolkata. Select a reputed supplier who will assist in design your kitchen and that too at affordable price.


Key to the Perfect Kitchen: Great Kitchen Cabinets

Published on September 30th, 2014 | By Admin

Are you planning your kitchen renovation? Or are you interested in remodelling? Then it is time that you go through certain ideas and concepts before planning to go forward with your remodelling.

The 2 of types of trending cabinets for the kitchen of the 21st century:

Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer
Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer

• Bamboo kitchen cabinets

Bamboo is an eco-friendly choice for the remodelling your new kitchen. These are very popular materials when it comes to selecting the cabinets. Bamboos are technically very fast growing grass and can be harvested within 6 years. Even if the bamboo is just a grass it can be called the “grass steel”. It is sturdier than many of the traditional hardwoods. It has exceptional strength and has a long life span. It is light as well as has a woody appearance. It looks very different and various kinds of textures can be added to these. The major kitchen cabinet manufacturer do not produce these cabinets on a major scale. But if you insist on having bamboo cabinets they will get them custom made.

• Sleek and contemporary

Black is always an amazing colour. It can make both the woman and her kitchen look fabulous. Black can highlight the contrast of the light and dark colour interplays. The checkerboard look or the earthen shades in contrast with the white usually makes a great combo. Black kitchen cabinets work as stark opposites to the white counter tops of the kitchen. The same can be achieved in the wall tile or the backsplash.

Another way of using the black cabinets is putting them as an accent piece. This is more favourable in a traditional kitchen which has hardwood cabinets. Using black cabinets on the kitchen island is a great idea, which will highlight it. Amongst all the hardwood cabinets the black one will be an attraction point. Black goes very smoothly with stainless steel appliances too.

We all need to renovate and remodel our kitchen at least twice in our lives. Thus going through the various catalogues and websites of the kitchen cabinet manufacturers will give you a detailed knowledge about the varieties of them. Be wise and do your homework before u settle on any design, because if your kitchen is not perfect your home is incomplete.


Turnkey Kitchen Projects Are Transforming the 21st Century Kitchens

Published on September 23rd, 2014 | By Admin

Turnkey projects have become the first preference of the people nowadays. This is because they take care of all the aspects and deliver the completed project within an agreed time. Turnkey kitchen projects are very popular whether it is a remodelling or a completely new kitchen area.

People are often baffled by the choices provided by their interior designers. No matter how different our ways of living might be we all spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen. We all know kitchen is where the heart is. The aroma of delicious food lifts up the mood of the whole house. We entertain all our guests with mouth-watering dishes in kitchen. To make the kitchen a beautiful and cosy place most of the people turn to turnkey kitchen projects. The owner gets everything exactly like they want it while they don’t need to worry at all.

Turnkey Kitchen Projects
Turnkey Kitchen Projects

Planning for such an important part of the house requires avoiding certain common mistakes. The following are the most common 6 mistakes that should be avoided to achieve an elegant yet practical kitchen design:

1. Do not obstruct access to the kitchen triangle

The area of greatest activity where the sink, the refrigerator and the stove is placed is known as the kitchen triangle. Irrespective of the kitchen design layout the foot space of the kitchen must not be less than 10feet.

2. Do not waste storage space

Proper planning and arrangement will yield enough storage places. If this is miscalculated the kitchen will appear to be clumsy and difficult to work in.

3. Do not ignore counter top workspace

Kitchen counters are extremely important. All the preparations and the serving are done on the countertops. Their widths must be wide enough to hold several dishes at once.

4. Avoid poor lighting

Nothing is more depressing than a poorly lit kitchen. Bright and warm lighting is very important.

5. Don’t forget to ventilate

Your kitchen will appear to be dull, instead of the best in class design, if the kitchen air is stale. Thus ventilation is very important. Inexpensive ventilation systems also extend the life span of the appliances. If your kitchen opens to the living area ventilation is even more important.

6. Avoiding professionals

Designing your kitchen on your own is never a good idea. Talk to your designer and explain what you need. You can always discuss your doubts and needs with your turnkey contractors also.

Most people nowadays are investing in turnkey kitchen projects because of the various advantages of it. Bestekloza is one of the leading turnkey contractors in Kolkata. Proper planning and great quality is what you need to make your kitchen stand out from the rest of your house.


The New Age Commercial Kitchen Designs Are Maximizing Production

Published on September 19th, 2014 | By Admin

Leading hospitality companies are investing in proper kitchen designing so that the utility and function can be maximised. New age technology is implemented in making the kitchen equipments which are suitable for the modern commercial kitchen design.

A commercial kitchen consists of several cooking stations and apt equipments. These all depend on the type of cuisine and preparation technique are being used. The size of the kitchen also depends on the number of people a restaurant serves. Commercial kitchens typically are much larger than the residential kitchens.

Commercial Kitchen Design
Commercial Kitchen Design


The type of cuisine a restaurant offers decides the preparation and cooking stations. Catering, baking, grill and sauté are the necessary stations. Each of the stations is equipped with serving dishes, equipments and the necessary space for preparing the dish. Some restaurants have commercial teaching kitchens where trainees learn. The commercial kitchen design vary from place to place and are well suited to the needs of the owner.


The equipments used by the commercial kitchens are very different from those of the residential kitchens. These commercial equipments are suitable for large-scale food production.

Kitchen Layout

As the ways of preparing food in commercial kitchens differ from that of a residential thus the commercial kitchen designs are very different. Additional electric and natural gas outlets are also required for an efficient kitchen layout. Cooling units like the refrigerators are also very important because both cooked and uncooked food need to be stored.


Safety is very important and given much attention in commercial kitchens. Exhaust fans are mandatory over the cooktops. Automatic sensor controlled fire restraint systems must be installed. Potential damp areas need non slip flooring. Padded flooring must be installed in the places where the employees have to stand for a prolonged periods of time. Fire retardants and controllers are a must.

Health Code Requirements

Cooked and uncooked food as well as the materials and spices used in preparation of dishes need to be stored properly. This preserves the food and keeps it healthy. Different sinks must be installed for hand washing and food preparation. The temperatures if the dishwasher and refrigerators must be set accordingly to avoid any bacterial activity. The waste and refuses must be disposed off properly.

While planning any commercial kitchen one must keep in mind the above discussed points. The commercial kitchen design optimizes the space and maximizes the productivity.


How to precisely choose the catering equipments that fit your business?

Published on September 17th, 2014 | By Admin

Good quality catering equipments are a must for every restaurant and catering business. The variety of tools and equipments available in the market has made it extremely easy to attend to a large party in very less time.

Before purchasing any kitchen or catering equipment there are two things one must keep in mind. First the type of dinner/lunch one will be hosting and the place of preparation. Second is the calculation of the number of people attending per booking. This provides a clear view of what equipments to buy. The necessary equipments for a catering service are:

Catering Equipment
Catering Equipment

Pan carriers with steam table pans
Beverage carriers for storing cold beverages or coffee
Ice caddies
Chafing dish with steam table pans for main and side dishes
Hot plates or induction cookers
Carving stations
Furniture for seating arrangements

The equipments are built to enable faster cooking and better food preservation. One must look for the four important features while buying kitchen tools and equipments:

Purpose- the equipment must suit the purpose they are bought for perfectly.
Price- it is not necessary to buy an exorbitantly priced product. It should be in accordance with the budget.
Quality-flimsy and bad quality of the products will lead to early wear and tear.
Warranty-some parts might wear out faster than the rest. If it is covered under the warranty the manufacturing company will replace it.

With the advance in technology these equipments are getting better every day. The latest gadgets are highly efficient, time saving and safe. One can easily choose from the innumerable tools available today to suit their need perfectly. The three positive traits of such appliances and equipments are:

Saves cooking time
Food preservation

Bestekloza is one of the leading catering equipment manufacturers. All the above mentioned features are present in their products. They provide these catering equipments to much esteemed restaurants and catering service providers. It is advisable that before one takes the final decision of buying from a particular brand he must procure the necessary knowledge about them.


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