All you need to know about catering equipments

All you need to know about catering equipments

Published on February 23rd, 2015 | By Admin

What qualifies as catering equipment?

The term “catering equipment” once meant only the equipments used by the caterers. Even though the basic meaning remains the same, but with the availability of brand new varieties of products in the segment, the term today covers a considerably large segment.

In the current scenario “catering equipment” would cover everything from utensils required to prepare and serve food to refrigeration and grilling equipments, and even crockery.


One can even come across a large variety of catering equipments suppliers – some specializing in a specific type of equipment, such as, refrigeration or crockery, while others being the master of all, having a large collection of every possible item that qualify as catering equipment.

Who needs catering equipment?

The business model in every segment has undergone tremendous change, and so has it for the catering industry. Today the buyers of catering equipments are no longer limited to those who are associated with traditional catering service.

Large hotel chains, major food order suppliers, caterers, small scale food suppliers to offices and homes, hospitals, clubs, local authorities, and even decorators renting out various items, every one of them requires catering equipments.

If you are planning to start any one of these businesses shortly or have a long term plan, you might as well have a good idea of the kind of catering equipments you might require.

Where can you get catering equipment?

Catering equipments can be bought from a number of outlets and via a variety of channels, but you must make sure that you get in touch with professional supplier.


If you are starting a business it is of high importance that you make sure you only deal with the best while going to buy catering equipment. The question arises in many cases that if the same equipments are available at a lower rate from a person dealing in second hand equipments, what is the use of getting brand new equipments?

Firstly, you must remember that clients are well aware of quality and thus only the best equipment will help you create goodwill and a niche for yourself. Also, you can be rest assured about the hygiene and quality of the food.

Then why compromise on such important points for a few savings when the online stores can also be a great place to shop for catering equipment.


How to maintain the industrial kitchen equipment?

Published on February 19th, 2015 | By Admin

If you are in restaurant business or any venture related to the hospitality industry then kitchen is the most important place to utilise it at full fledge and reap huge profit.

In order to have your business up and running you must have the right choice of industrial kitchen equipment. The next significant part is to have a proper maintenance regime for the equipment.

There is so much to be done in a kitchen, right from cutting, chopping, cooking, baking, and roasting to serving. The industrial kitchen equipment forms the back bone of an efficiently running kitchen.

Industrial Kitchen Equipment
Industrial Kitchen Equipment

It is really important that the equipment should be maintained well. A proper maintenance regime helps in saving a lot in terms of the cost for operating the equipment.

This also helps in a great w3ay to maintain the hygiene in the kitchen. The most important part happens to be cleaning the appliances well. This helps in doing away with the dust, grit, dirt, scuffs and so on.

At the initial stage it might seem to be a difficult task but with time the difficulty level diminishes. Then, one day it just fit into the daily ordeal in a manageable and easy way.

Here are few tips that will help one to optimise the industrial kitchen equipment in the best possible way to enhance their efficiency level big time.

• Get the equipment that has controls which are programmable. This helps in automating the process and thus the equipment can work with greater efficiency.

• It is also wise to use containers that are appropriate to the equipment. This also increases efficiency.

• The equipment has the tendency to depreciate in course of time. So, it is important that one should inspect the equipment at regular intervals to prevent faster rate of deterioration. This improves the performance of the appliance to a great extent.


A Detailed Idea of Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Published on February 16th, 2015 | By Admin

Probably you are just out of an eminent hotel management institute lately. You have a glowing degree in your hands. Of course you have dreams to make it big, may be in some other country or setting up your own business and thinking that someday you will be the owner of the most famous food chain of the city.

But before you start flying high, you need to think about the most basic thing of setting up a commercial kitchen. You need to decide what kitchen equipment you will need to run a food chain or a restaurant.

kitchen equipment

Commercial kitchen equipment is meant for commercial users. It also needs to be cost effective too. So, when you are deciding to buy the right equipment for you, you need to know the basic things of commercial kitchen equipment.

There are a few basic equipment that you will need in your commercial kitchen,

• Cooking equipment
• Refrigeration equipment
• Exhaust equipment

Cooking Equipment

This is the most important thing that you will need in your kitchen. The ovens, the fryers and the hotplates are included in this section. It is up to you how much bigger equipment you will need. You can opt for two, three or four burner ovens. You need to decide this depending on your requirements.

Refrigeration Equipment

In a commercial kitchen, you will need to have a proper refrigeration system installed. Obviously when you are cooking in large quantity, there will be many a things that you will need to store in refrigerator.

If you are buying a refrigerator for your home, you concentrate on the look along with the utility as well. But in the case of commercial kitchen, look does not matter that much. It is the utility and service that matter the most.

Choose the right refrigeration system for your newly set kitchen. What size you need to arrange depends upon your requirement again.

Exhaust Equipment

To keep the atmosphere of the kitchen healthy, you need to install a proper exhaust system as well. Since you and your employees and co workers are going to spend the major portion of the day in there, a proper hygienic environment is necessary. For that you need the right exhaust equipment.

Choose the right deal of the kitchen equipment and be wise while purchasing the utility and cost of that equipment.


How I benefitted from buying catering equipments online?

Published on February 9th, 2015 | By Admin

Do you know how I came across the wonderful opportunity of knowing about catering equipments online? Like most new things, it was prompted by a need. I run my catering business in a district town at a considerable distance from a metropolis.

As a part of my equipment, I needed a Chinese counter as a part of my catering equipment. The need was pressing and I did not know where to look for a solution.

Catering Equipment
Catering Equipment

As a result, I went on the internet with little hope that what I needed could be found and delivered within the stipulated time that I needed it. Not only was I surprised by the range of products that were available on the net, but also by the speed with which it was delivered to me.

There are a number of firms that sell catering equipment on the net, and get them home delivered within a very short time. Convenient payment options are available with all of them.

These days, catering equipments are varied and come with various specific purposes. On the one hand, they make work extremely convenient, but on the other hand there is dirt of ready availability of all the equipments in the general stores, particularly if you happen to be located outside the metropolis like I am.

As a result, your only option is to go online. Not only you get a wide range of catering equipment online, but you also get them delivered to your home. The products are mostly manufactured locally using international technology, and you can rest assured about its quality.

There is wide variety of catering equipments available online, not only does that include the general cutlery sets like plates, spoon sets, but also more dedicated tools and machines like Chinese counters, dish washers, ice-cream vending machines and modular kitchen structures that are easy on the logistics.

Extremely glad with the services that I have received, I now advise all my friends in the business to go for buying catering equipments online rather than in the conventional way.

It is cheaper, more assured in quality and delivered easily. Moreover, you can choose from a wide variety even within a limited field.


Tips on buying hotel kitchen equipment

Published on February 6th, 2015 | By Admin

If you are looking to purchase commercial kitchen equipments, you need to consider some important factors including the following:-

Identifying your needs – You will have to determine the equipment you need. It also depends upon the business type and volume sales. There you can find a wide variety of kitchen equipments and volume of sales. You can choose to find the most suitable and well known kitchen gear.

Hotel Kitchen Equipment

The size of the appliances – you must consider the size of the appliances when you have lesser space. Bigger appliances can occupy more space. You can also choose to find devices, according to the ease of use and that provides the best. Choose equipments that are not too big and can occupy the space that you need and the space required to store the device.

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Ease of functionality – Keep and use kitchen equipments that are easy to operate and are user friendly. You must avoid appliances that need complex installations. You must also learn the functionality of the equipment before you are able to handle it.

Material and technology – Many appliances and utensils that are made of stainless steel and are durable and are easier to clean and maintain. Kitchen gadgets are quite good and are almost state of the art technology.

Certain kitchen devices are known to use infra-red technology that helps you make foods easily. Buying through an online store is an easier way to buy kitchen equipments that are known to be one of the best.

Visit their website at They also provide catering equipment to many restaurants and commercial kitchen where the need of the hour is having hotel kitchen equipment that will help you cook faster and easier.


What should be the principal considerations while buying industrial kitchen equipment?

Published on January 27th, 2015 | By Admin

It is really important to be equipped adequately with all the required industrial kitchen equipment in order to have a restaurant business run smoothly and successfully.

The first and foremost consideration should be setting the budget as otherwise one might end up buying all useless stuff and get blown down at the budget.

In order to tackle this part well one need to indulge in a little research and that can indeed help you in saving thousands of bucks.

Industrial Kitchen Equipment
Industrial Kitchen Equipment

The next important point happens to be listing out the right set of industrial kitchen equipment required in your kitchen. In order to have this part sorted out well seek for help of an expert consultant in the field.

Image Courtesy :

The professional assistance offered by them would be of great help to you if you are a newbie in the role of an entrepreneur.

The third consideration would obviously be judging on the fact that how much area the different equipment is going to cover in the kitchen.

It is important that one must critically examine the dimension of the kitchen and find out what should be the choices that are absolutely essential and that will fit into the available space comfortably.

The wise decision would be drawing out the layout of the kitchen and that way the space requirement will be realised well. Alongside, the financial constraints should also be taken into account in order to have a better realisation of the different goals.

It is indeed an exciting experience to get involved in every step of setting up a brand new kitchen for your restaurant business. The most important part happens to be getting the right equipment.

Therefore, one must be extra careful in picking out the right set of industrial kitchen equipment; you must put adequate research effort and must be absolutely precise about the impact of each equipment on the budget.

So, if all the elements will be well in place the business endeavour is going to be successful for sure.


Tips to Buy the Right Hotel Kitchen Equipment

Published on January 19th, 2015 | By Admin

Congrats! You have successfully passed your hotel management degree. Now you must be thinking of joining a big hotel chain. But if that is the case then you will get enough experience when you will start with your own business. But if you are going to start your business very soon then yes, you are in dire need of tips on how to find the right equipment for your hotel kitchen.

Hotel Kitchen Equipment
Hotel Kitchen Equipment

Go by Your Needs

The first step of setting up your commercial kitchen is to figure out what exactly do you need. If you are clear about your needs then you are going to successfully update your new kitchen. If your are opening a bar then your requirement will be different from that of a grill restaurant.


The equipment of your hotel kitchen is different from what you need to use in your home. It has to be bigger. When we choose an appliance for our home, we keep the beauty with the utility of the equipment. But in the case of hotel kitchen equipment, size takes the front seat. The look of what you are going to keep in your kitchen does not concern your customers. It is how you are going to use them concerns your business.

Material, Technology and Easy Functionality

When you are going to use equipment in your hotel kitchen, it has to be durable and sturdy. Since it will be near high flame and used by various hands, it should be made of extremely durable material. The complicated technology will make the work more difficult for your employees. It will be better if you opt for the equipment that is updated technically and easy to handle. If you want to create a work friendly atmosphere in your kitchen then you should choose the equipment that is easily functional.


Before you take a plunge in the market for buying kitchen equipment, you need to figure out how far you can stretch your budget. To have some idea, you should do some research online or ask your friends who are in this same business.

Research and utilise the money wisely while buying hotel kitchen equipment.


Efficient and smart cooking through industrial kitchen equipment

Published on January 13th, 2015 | By Admin

New industrial kitchen equipments should also be considered, includingthe best cookware solutions and kitchen equipments that are made for smart cooking.The best websites will have a wide range of cooking equipments that will help you do smart cooking.

Gone are the days when there used to be older and non healthy ways of cooking. They were not efficient and took much longer to cook the food, thus cooking into something that was not good enough to eat.

Industrial Kitchen Equipment
Industrial Kitchen Equipment

With the help of such kitchen equipments, you can cook faster and better.

Setting up an industrial kitchen equipment, here are some of the steps:-

1. You should contact local authorities before they build your kitchen. The local authorities will be able to provide you with the right advice that is required for the kitchen. Local food or hygiene authority will provide you with the right health.

2. Contact with a leasing company – you could lease a company that will help you ensure best supplies, free maintenance and many supplies for your kitchen equipment for a monthly, quarterly and yearly rate. The rates are cheaper in the short run with the help of buying your own equipment.

3. If you are just starting out, then renting the equipment with the new kit will help you for a few years after which you can find a permanent solution.

4. While you create a leasing company the restaurant equipment and the places of foods for preparation and washing of other areas with similar practices to make sure the kitchen will remain updated, clean and fresh for next use.


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