How to Set Up a Perfect Industrial Kitchen Easily

Published on December 22nd, 2014 | By Admin

Are you a new bee in the business of food and beverages? Are you planning to set up a new restaurant? The first baby step for you is to set up a well equipped industrial kitchen. Remember that it is the constant work station of yours. You need to keep it simple and functional so that you and your co-workers can work freely. There are a few things you need to keep in mind while planning to set up a perfect industrial kitchen.

Industrial Kitchen Equipment
Industrial Kitchen Equipment

1. Know the Rules

The first rule to set up industrial kitchen is to know the rules. It is a challenging task as well. Know the rules set by local authority and the building regulations. Make sure that you abide by these rules. Check all the legal aspect to setup the restaurant or a bar.

2. Do the Research and Make a list of the Equipment

Research is an important part to set up an equipped kitchen. There are many plans and suggestions are available online. Spend at least an hour to go through them. Then do research on the equipment that is available and useful. This involves a little trick. There is equipment that is cheap but not durable and useful.

It is never a good option to invest in such equipment. Rather purchase the equipment that is durable in a long run. They will cost you a little more but they are good to invest in.

3. Install Refrigeration

The most important feature in an industrial kitchen is a proper commercial refrigerator. It has to be bigger than that of what you use in your home and have proper space and mechanism for cooling. Think about size and scope of your business.

4. Install Storage

A proper storage section is a must in a functional industrial kitchen equipment. You need to store a bulk of food and beverages and vegetables in it. The required space has to be huge.

5. Cooking Equipment

The most important part of a commercial kitchen is cooking equipment. You need to purchase broilers, gas oven, otg ovens and a commercial salamander that will keep the food warm before serving.

6. Safety and Sanitation

Since you are dealing with people’s stomach, you are serving food; you need to be extremely careful about the sanitation of your cooking space. Moreover, people in your kitchen are working with fire and heat. Safety is another feature that you need to think about.

Contact an expert for the suggestions in setting up an equipped commercial kitchen.

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