All you need to know about catering equipments

Published on February 23rd, 2015 | By Admin

What qualifies as catering equipment?

The term “catering equipment” once meant only the equipments used by the caterers. Even though the basic meaning remains the same, but with the availability of brand new varieties of products in the segment, the term today covers a considerably large segment.

In the current scenario “catering equipment” would cover everything from utensils required to prepare and serve food to refrigeration and grilling equipments, and even crockery.


One can even come across a large variety of catering equipments suppliers – some specializing in a specific type of equipment, such as, refrigeration or crockery, while others being the master of all, having a large collection of every possible item that qualify as catering equipment.

Who needs catering equipment?

The business model in every segment has undergone tremendous change, and so has it for the catering industry. Today the buyers of catering equipments are no longer limited to those who are associated with traditional catering service.

Large hotel chains, major food order suppliers, caterers, small scale food suppliers to offices and homes, hospitals, clubs, local authorities, and even decorators renting out various items, every one of them requires catering equipments.

If you are planning to start any one of these businesses shortly or have a long term plan, you might as well have a good idea of the kind of catering equipments you might require.

Where can you get catering equipment?

Catering equipments can be bought from a number of outlets and via a variety of channels, but you must make sure that you get in touch with professional supplier.


If you are starting a business it is of high importance that you make sure you only deal with the best while going to buy catering equipment. The question arises in many cases that if the same equipments are available at a lower rate from a person dealing in second hand equipments, what is the use of getting brand new equipments?

Firstly, you must remember that clients are well aware of quality and thus only the best equipment will help you create goodwill and a niche for yourself. Also, you can be rest assured about the hygiene and quality of the food.

Then why compromise on such important points for a few savings when the online stores can also be a great place to shop for catering equipment.

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