A Detailed Idea of Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Published on February 16th, 2015 | By Admin

Probably you are just out of an eminent hotel management institute lately. You have a glowing degree in your hands. Of course you have dreams to make it big, may be in some other country or setting up your own business and thinking that someday you will be the owner of the most famous food chain of the city.

But before you start flying high, you need to think about the most basic thing of setting up a commercial kitchen. You need to decide what kitchen equipment you will need to run a food chain or a restaurant.

kitchen equipment

Commercial kitchen equipment is meant for commercial users. It also needs to be cost effective too. So, when you are deciding to buy the right equipment for you, you need to know the basic things of commercial kitchen equipment.

There are a few basic equipment that you will need in your commercial kitchen,

• Cooking equipment
• Refrigeration equipment
• Exhaust equipment

Cooking Equipment

This is the most important thing that you will need in your kitchen. The ovens, the fryers and the hotplates are included in this section. It is up to you how much bigger equipment you will need. You can opt for two, three or four burner ovens. You need to decide this depending on your requirements.

Refrigeration Equipment

In a commercial kitchen, you will need to have a proper refrigeration system installed. Obviously when you are cooking in large quantity, there will be many a things that you will need to store in refrigerator.

If you are buying a refrigerator for your home, you concentrate on the look along with the utility as well. But in the case of commercial kitchen, look does not matter that much. It is the utility and service that matter the most.

Choose the right refrigeration system for your newly set kitchen. What size you need to arrange depends upon your requirement again.

Exhaust Equipment

To keep the atmosphere of the kitchen healthy, you need to install a proper exhaust system as well. Since you and your employees and co workers are going to spend the major portion of the day in there, a proper hygienic environment is necessary. For that you need the right exhaust equipment.

Choose the right deal of the kitchen equipment and be wise while purchasing the utility and cost of that equipment.

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