All About Kitchen Pantry: Useful Products And Their Organization

Published on November 23rd, 2022 | By Admin

A clean, clutter-free counter is possible only when your pantry is organized. Here are some amazing tips to organize your kitchen pantry with industrial kitchen equipment

A pantry is usually a place to store all your kitchen supplies. Unlike a kitchen, it lacks space which is why it becomes all the more important to organize the pantry neatly. Buying efficient hotel kitchen equipment in Kolkata is not adequate. You will also have to keep them in such places that it makes space for other things, too. 

5 Must-Have Smart Products For Your Kitchen Pantry 

  1. Tea/Coffee Urn

When it comes to providing tea or coffee instantly to your customers, this innovative equipment does the trick. Almost every industrial kitchen Kolkata has a tea/coffee urn in its pantry which serves delectable beverages in no time. 

  1. Water Boiler 

At present, nobody has the luxury of time to wait for some hot water. As a result, a water boiler increases productivity both time and money-wise. It is an ideal restaurant equipment India

  1. Milk Warmer

The name of this commercial kitchen equipment India pretty much sums up its function. Warm milk is just a step away when you have this smart milk warmer by BestekLoza in your pantry. 

  1. Centrifugal Juicer

Since centrifugal juicers break apart the fibres in fruits quickly, many people prefer using them. Not only it is a time-savior but also does justice to your budget. Don’t forget to include it in your pantry. 

  1. Heating Lamps 

Finally, we have heating lamps on our list. Unlike bar heaters, it consumes less electricity. Heat lamps keep the ambiance warm and offer fast, radiant heat. 

Tips To Organize Your Pantry Like A Pro

The first step is to take out everything. From half-eaten food packages to empty wrappers, de-clutter every waste product. Create a fresh canvas to start it all over again. First, keep everything on a convenient surface and further, start sorting. This can either be your kitchen table, counter, floor, etc. Meanwhile, a social cause determines sending away these foods for donation. 

Next, do a deep cleaning of your space for laying the foundation of an elegant pantry. You may take help from your teammates in this task. It would be perfect if you get some wall-mounted shelves and create extra space for those boxes. Store all spatter-prone items like oil, soups, etc separately. And you are done creating the best pantry spot. 

Do you want more help regarding your restaurant kitchen? Get a variety of information and genius products from Bestekloza. We are the best commercial kitchen equipment supplier in Kolkata. So, give us a call today and buy pantry products at highly affordable prices.

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