What Separates a Grills from a Griddle? What to Use & When?

Published on December 23rd, 2022 | By Admin
Grill from a Griddle

Wondering what to choose between grill from a griddle and griddles for your commercial kitchen? We are there to remove your doubts and update you about the same.

A large amount of equipment is crucial to operating a restaurant. When setting up the kitchen of your restaurant, there is a lengthy list of items to take into account. There is a lot to do, but don’t rush into selecting a commercial kitchen supplier

Although stovetop or countertop grills and griddles are two separate cooking surfaces made for various sorts of cooking, they are frequently used interchangeably. 

Grill Features and Applications

Any food cooked on a grill has “grill markings” due to the grill’s distinctive raised ridges. Indoor grills are excellent for cooking hamburgers, steaks, chops, sandwiches, and various vegetables, just like outdoor barbecues. Additionally, the grill ridges prevent grease from contaminating cooked food, lowering the item’s overall fat content. This helps to enhance commercial performance kitchen. Lastly, the majority of grills have a recessed region where fat is collected when cooking.

Griddle Features and Applications

A griddle has a smooth, flat surface that is perfect for cooking eggs, bacon, sausages, pancakes, home fries, and french toast. You can cook grilled cheese sandwiches, quesadillas, and other dishes on a griddle in addition to in a frying pan. More frequently found on stovetops and electric griddles, rectangular griddles give you more cooking space than a traditional round pan.

Appliances to Grill and Griddle

Electric grills and griddles are countertop gadgets that find use anywhere in your kitchen. It is in contrast to simple grills and griddle pans made for cooking over your gas or electric stovetop burners. These appliances come in a few distinct varieties.

Usually intended for preparing one or two sandwiches at a time, small contact grills and griddles are useful for this purpose. Large contact grills and griddles are foldable and flat to provide two face-up cooking surfaces or can cook in a press style.

Selecting a Grill vs. a Griddle

  • Choose your cooking surface or device based on the area in your kitchen and the type of cooking you do most often. For instance, a stovetop grill or griddle can be stored easily in a tall cabinet or drawer.
  • In terms of versatility and effectiveness, a reversible grill/griddle can be the best option if you can’t decide between buying a grill or a griddle. It has a griddle and a grill surface on either side. 
  • However, a traditional electric grill/griddle is the best option if you require the cooking space of a stovetop grill/griddle but don’t want to use the cooktop for large dinners. Additionally, straightforward versions are portable enough to be moved in and out of storage.

Last Words

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