Top Equipment to Make Your Culinary Dream Come True

Published on January 19th, 2017 | By Admin

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We are living in a time where information flow is free and abundant. The cuisines of the world which ones allured the cooks and chefs of this country are now available just a click away. Be it Chinese or Italian or Ethiopian, recipes from all these cuisines are available on the internet now. The general population is also showing a great interest in food which have unfamiliar tastes. So for any young chef trying to pursue their personal venture, fusion of various cuisines is a very exciting option. Dishes like guacamole pani puri or cranberry sondesh are creating ripples across the food world. So a very important step in creating these dishes is a kitchen which has all the equipment for it. Turnkey kitchen products are in high demand as chefs are shedding off the stigma of a modern highly functioning kitchen and are opting for it.

Tools of the trade

To create a cuisine has titillates the taste buds of the urban metropolitan youth, a highly functioning kitchen with all the modern equipment is required. The following appliances or rather equipments are a must for all of them.

  • Wok – this versatile round bottomed equipment originated in the Guangdong province of south China. Used for a wide range of cooking processes like stir frying, poaching, braising, steaming, pan frying, deep frying, roasting nuts and many more, this versatile piece of equipment has become a must for any kitchen all over the world.
  • Cast iron skillet – Cast iron skillets are very valuable for their heat retaining capabilities. It is generally layered with a layer of oils or fat when cooking so as the produce doesn’t stick to the pan while searing. This instrument is a must for cooking any piece of steak meat. This instrument is also called a sauté as the cooking process of sautéing originated from this equipment.
  • Rubber cutting board – Whether you are chopping into cilantro or cutting into a piece of meat , a basic rubber board is a must as it offers a sturdy, flat surface that stays stable while slicing. Another important point, it is easy to clean and keeps your knives safe.
  • A pair of kitchen knives – Knives to a chef are like a camera to any cameraman. Experts say that Japanese knives are usually the best at their price points. Well the basic fact is a chef without a sharp knife is not a proper chef. So whatever kitchen you work in, this piece of equipment is of the paramount importance.
  • Dutch oven – Any good kitchen requires a large cooking vessel. A Dutch oven is not as big as a soup pot and it can go into an oven. This equipment is good for braising, blanching and boiling. A must for any kitchen all over the world.
  • Mixing bowls – cooking in a professional kitchen demands you to be clean and fast and a good set of mixing bowls is of paramount importance in this regard. It helps to segregate the produce in different bowls so that they can be accessed easily whenever they are needed.
  • Rubber spatula – This is an equipment which is used constantly in the kitchen for mixing sauces, scrambling eggs , making batter and many more things. This is one of those inexpensive piece of equipment which covers a wide range of functionality.

So if you are an aspiring chef who is hoping to start your own venture contact a commercial kitchen equipment supplier now and get yourself sorted out.

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