Tips To Maintain a Commercial Kitchen

Published on January 31st, 2017 | By Admin

Industrial Kitchen equipment

A properly running commercial Kitchen is a dream for many restaurateurs in the business. Many chefs open their own projects but ultimately fail in producing the quality food day in day out. The main reason for this is that many can’t handle running a commercial kitchen by themselves. Whether it is a fine dining restaurant or it is a posh cafe or even a meagre bed and breakfast, maintaining the consistent quality of food all throughout your running period is a feat that many world renowned chefs can’t cope up to. The following are a few tips by which you can keep your kitchen to the best of standards.

  • Wall cladding – A wall cladding is a must for any commercial kitchen. It is helpful because you can hang your utensils very easily of the hooks in a wall cladding. It is easier to keep clean and the growth of bacteria can be restricted very professionally here.
  • Cleaning every surface – It is a very useful tip for any restaurateur to keep a habit of cleaning any bare surfaces twice. Once while opening your establishment and next time after service. This might seem like a normal thing to many but as your parents remind you to brush your teeth twice a day, this good habit proves to be a major factor in the success of any endeavour.
  • Maintaining your refrigeration system – A refrigeration system is one of the main points of entry of microbes in a kitchen. Any responsible restaurateur would take special care of their refrigeration setup. It is imperative that the refrigeration unit is properly cleaned every week. All the items from inside the unit needs to be put out and the unit needs to be thoroughly disinfected. Once a month the refrigeration unit should be checked for damages and the temperatures have to be recalibrated. A professional should ideally be called in to check the unit for any damage every alternate month. The refrigerators evaporator and condenser coil should be taken out monthly and thoroughly cleaned. This a step that many people overlook and prove to be harmful in the long run quality of your food.
  • Cleaning the ovens– The ovens are often the most used appliance in a kitchen. It is imperative that the ovens are thoroughly cleaned every 2-3 days. Most ovens right now have self-clean option so it is pretty easy to do this step diligently. If your oven does not have the self-clean option a good lime detergent soap cleaning can make your kitchen all new again.
  • Labelling all the produce – A very important step to keep record of your produce is to label everything in your kitchen. This is a very useful tip as it helps you to keep track of everything and helps you schedule your trips to the market.
  • Servicing your kitchen on a bi-yearly manner – Servicing a commercial kitchen by a professional bi- yearly is highly advised. This helps in reducing costs in the long run as any small problems and kinks can be instantly and easily sorted out.

Maintaining you industrial kitchen equipment is a very necessary to run a successful business. Following these above steps might help you maintain your food quality at a premium level and thus keeping your business always in the green.

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