What Stops You From Owning A Gourmet Food Truck?

Published on April 5th, 2016 | By Admin

Having a Food truck, is a tempting business idea in our country right now. When we look at a mobile van which sells food, we get reminded of New York and Los Angeles trucks that we have viewed in flicks or on our foreign trip. Well we always tend to think there may be some extraordinary people and some exotic kitchen equipment manufacturers who make such trucks a possibility. However, the truth is far behind. It is a business any one can start, if only you can dodge the following bullets that may make the road tough for your ride:

The Overnight Success Mania:

This is the most common demon of anticipation that makes a starter lose his patience early. Those who expect that all their plans are so well devised that there is no room for any failure, mostly end up hanging up their boots very quickly. Therefore, it is better to practice calm for the initial period. This type of venture may need some time to get noticed.

The Quality Time Bug:

If you are bitten by the family time bug and think that you need ample time to relax and rejuvenate with your family, forget about this food truck thing. It is because the startup demands great amount of sacrifice in these terms. You ought to seek customers’ attention and think about their happiness first. True that your loved ones might call you names, but once you make a base, you can settle down a bit.

The Self Sufficiency Dogma:

A complete fresher should stay away from the stubbornness of not having a partner for guidance in this field. Like any other industry, the mobile food industry has its norms, pros and cons. Hiring a consultant or a partnering with someone whose wisdom could make you earn bucks is not a bowing down move but a head raiser. Also do not rely on your second hand equipment. Get a list of turnkey kitchen equipment suppliers ready for your truck’s interior.

The Stuck-to-Guns Attitude:

Are you one of those stagnant fogeys who refuse to see what trends has to do with this time and generations. Well, chances are you might get your business plunged in troubled waters if you do not see the daylight. The trends for food also change like the fashion for clothes and so it is better to understand the tastes and preferences of customers and update the regulars in your menu accordingly.

The Devil Broth Spoilers:

Unless and until you are a superhuman who could carry off the task of cooking, accounting, managing the service window of your own, you need not get perturbed by this. To be frank it is slightly Utopian to pacify a mob of hungry birds without an aid or a team of staffs. A word of caution for those who are selecting their partners or staffs – apply an x-ray vision before one gets away under the excuse of Kleptomania. A staff should be one, who has a dab hand at his assigned work and sharesyour zeal.

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