Setting Up a Small Deli Business

Published on March 17th, 2016 | By Admin

Are you planning to set up small deli business? Do you have one or more recipes,which you think can create a buzz among the food lovers? If you are a caterer who has some of the best commercial kitchen equipment, you have an advantage. Even if you don’t, it is possible to be successful in your venture. The following is the step-to-step guide towards a startup.

Kitchen EquipmentMaking a Plan:

The food service is a business, which is a very attractive but competitivetoo. There are many people who turn their hobby of cooking in this form of commercial service. However passionate a person might be, he needs to have a well-structured plan in place. Thematters related to the capital base, the menu, the costs, the personnel you can have, the approach towards attracting & maintaining customers should be decided beforehand.

The Establishment:


A suitable construction or a lease agreement for an existing space is required for a deli. Fix the location, keeping in the mind the proximity of offices or colleges. A busy area is recommended for such a startup. Decide upon the lease agreement, in case of an existing space,with viable negotiations.

Applying for Permit:


Obtaining of necessary licenses is the next big step after planning. Without a legal authorization, a business may be at the risk of permanent closure or heavy penalties. So seek for the permit of the concerned authorities in your region. Acquiring the trade license, Food Business Operating License (FSSAI License), NOC from Fire Department of your region, are some of the important compliances for starting a deli. Also construction permit is required in case a building is constructed.

Kitchen EquipmentKitchen Equipment:

Housing the possibly best commercial kitchen equipment is the heart of a food service.Apart from Stoves and Refrigerator, Sandwich Griller, the Pizza Ovens, Waffle Makers, Conveyor Toaster and Ovens, etc. arecommon for snacks food service. Second-hand equipment increases your revenue, and cannot provide satisfying services. A commercial kitchen or catering equipment manufacturer can be found out to purchase equipment as per your need.

Recruitment & Fixing Responsibilities:

The next step would be torecruit the personnel, the waiters, managers, cooks, etc. Staffs with prior experience need less time to get trained and are therefore better.

A proper regulatory guideline should be framed for them, for a professional approach. Special attention should be given to the staffs for cleaning and maintaining hygiene. The standard of food and the service should be set. Also a little flexibility is necessary.


This is perhaps, the most important step for initial success. The advertisement is very much required for making the potential customers aware about the new food destination. Digital marketing and physical marketing both are required for attracting maximum customers.

Once this is done, you are ready to take the big leap for your small business.

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