Planning to ensure cleanliness of Commercial Kitchen

Published on July 16th, 2019 | By Admin

Planning to ensure cleanliness of commercial kitchen


Commercial kitchens are the most important part of any commercial eatery because this is where the real action takes place. Commercial kitchen is the place where every action should be in perfectly coordinated manner in order to ensure the smooth functioning of the kitchen as well as the eatery. However, it is of utmost importance that a commercial kitchen should concentrate well on health and hygiene as well. That is one reason why commercial kitchens are insistent on commercial cleaning systems like conveyor type dishwashers. Nowadays everything is available online so procuring conveyor type dishwasher online is not a difficult proposition anymore. And this is what is practised by every commercial set up these days.


Why is it important to ensure total cleanliness in commercial kitchen? The answer is obviously simple – to ensure health and safety of both the customers and the workers as well. So, how to go about planning the health and hygiene safety of a commercial kitchen?


* List out the areas of intervention: ‘Cleanliness, health and hygiene’ is a very broad term and each area of intervention is different from the other. So, each area needs to be identified. Dishwashing, Floor cleaning, Kitchen-tops, Garbage regulation, Store cleaning – all are different areas and need to be identified separately.

* Delegation of duties: There cannot be any generalised term as a ‘cleaning staff’ who are involved in each and everything. It would only make things messier and there would be lack of coordination. Instead if there is delegation of duties for each of the area of duty then each would be accountable for each area of intervention. This would make things function in a more co-ordinated fashion.

* Developing a time-line: Not every cleaning activity requires intervention every hour or every day. For instance cleaning of freezer or store need not be done daily. Hence it is important to develop timeline sheets where there would be clear demarcation of intervention pattern with regard to cleaning and maintenance. It is not enough to just procure dishwashing machines online Kolkata but to also ensure that the proper and timely cleaning as well as maintenance is done. A time line sheet regarding cleaning and maintenance must be pinned and put up at a visible place so that everyone is aware of his or her responsibilities.

* Insisting on Staff Cleanliness: it is not just important to ensure cleanliness of the kitchen area alone, cleanliness, health and hygiene is much dependant on the staff as well. So, cleanliness of the kitchen, serving and cleaning staff is of utmost important. Because dirty aprons or dirty hands may mean compromising with the health and hygiene of the guests. Hence, everyday it must be ensured that the staff are neat and clean and well-equipped to maintain the cleanliness of the area – like use of gloves, caps, aprons, etc, as and when the need may be. For this a set of cleanliness guidelines for the staff must also be developed and discussed with them. If need be, the guidelines must also be pinned at the staff board so that everyone is aware of it.

These are the planning that must go behind ensuring cleanliness and hygiene of the commercial kitchen.

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