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Published on November 4th, 2022 | By Admin
Commercial Kitchen

To make a successful restaurant, your commercial kitchen needs something more than essential kitchen appliances. Curious to know what is it. Keep reading.

A kitchen layout is necessary for increasing the productivity of your restaurant kitchen. Cooking and serving become easy when every little thing is in its right place. Besides, focusing on industrial kitchen equipment, there are other things to consider as well. Check out some amazing kitchen layouts that can end up enhancing the productivity of your commercial kitchen. 

Top 5 Kitchen Layouts For Your Restaurant Kitchen 

1. Assembly Line Layout 

The first one on our list is this linear arrangement that starts with food prep and continues throughout a straight line. Assembly line layouts usually culminate with the area where you serve food to your customers. Such a layout is most conducive to fast food outlets or kitchens having a limited menu. The key focus here is on both speed and efficiency from the standpoint of services. 

2. Island Layout 

Secondly, we have an island layout which is ideal for kitchens having abundant space. This design characterizes the food-making portion of the procedure right in the kitchen’s heart. Moreover, all other stations are positioned around it. Island layouts are easy for cooking with Indian restaurant equipment. Restaurants having a diverse menu usually opt for this particular layout as they take more time to cook. 

3. Galley Layout 

This form of layout extends upto various stations in your kitchen across the room’s perimeter. A Galley layout is suitable for kitchens having limited spaces as most kitchen equipment is placed at a distance. Additionally, it creates adequate space for your staff to serve food comfortably without getting in other’s way. The entrance, as well as the kitchen’s exit, has opposite locations where the kitchen appliances rest. 

4. Zone-Style Layout 

Further, we have a zone-style layout on our list that categorizes each kind of food preparation. Moreover, the creation process has a specific zone for it. Think of a hotel kitchen consisting of a salad station, frying station, etc. The zone-style layout is perfect for large kitchens. 

5. Open Layout 

Finally, we wrap it up with an open layout. This is one of the most unique designs and the aim is to offer a unique dining experience. The food preparation takes place either in front or within proximity to the serving area. It also requires a healthy amount of space. 

So, this was all about different commercial kitchen layouts. If you want to know more, get in touch with BestekLoza. They specialize in providing hotel kitchen equipment in Kolkata at reasonable prices. So, if you are looking for the same, contact BestekLoza today. Call now at, +91 9830254724

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