A peep into the world of coffee and coffee machines

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Any ordinary day and the commercial kitchen would be bustling with people and activities. These days services in any restaurant or commercial kitchen are much faster and efficient due to the availability of world-class kitchen equipment from renowned Kitchen Equipment Supplier in kolkata. There are gadgets for every type of kitchen activity. One of the most popular and loved kitchen equipment is the coffee machine. At any point of the day the maximum engagement is always in and around the coffee machine.

Here’s a read on the much loved beverage and the machine that brews it

* About Coffee :

Coffee is prepared from roasted coffee beans. The berries from the coffee plant contains the coffee seeds or berries which are used to make the coffee. Coffee is said to originate in Ethiopia and Sudan. In over 70 countries these plants are now cultivated. When the berries of the coffee plants become ripe they are plucked, and processed to extract the seeds or beans, these beans are then dried. The dried beans are roasted as per taste and then ground to obtain a coffee powder. The powder is brewed in hot water to obtain the beverage called coffee.
The evidence of coffee dates back to the 15th century in a place that can be called modern Yemen. It can be concluded that it was in Arabia that the seeds were roasted and brewed for the first time using the technique that we now use.
Currently, Brazil is the leader in coffee production – supplying about one-third of the total coffee in the world.

Instant Coffee:

It is a coffee that is ready-made and prepared from brewed coffee beans. Here the coffee is in the form of coffee crystals and coffee powder. It is directly added to hot water and does not require brewing. This is commercially prepared by the method of freeze-drying or spray-drying. Instant coffee makes the process of coffee preparation faster.

Different coffee machines : 

1) Coffee Vending Machine: This is a coffee dispenser used commercially. Normally instant coffee is used in vending machines. But nowadays certain coffee vending machines also can prepare coffee from coffee beans. This machine was the invention by Rudd-Melikian – a company in 1947. This model was called “Kwif Kafe”.
2) Espresso Machine:

This machine forces pressurized water that is near boiling point through the ground coffee and filter. What comes out is a thick, concentrated coffee called ‘espresso’. The machine was first built in 1884 by Angelo Mriondo of Italy. The patent was bought in 1905 by the founder of La Pavoni company and thus the machine began to be produced commercially. Over time the machine is also being used to prepare other interesting preparation of coffee like cappuccinos and cafe lattes.

3) Commercial Coffee machines:

Commercial coffeemakers are used for commercial kitchens. Those companies which provide Hotel Kitchen Equipment services supply these specialized coffee machines. There can be a Group Machine where the delivery is activated by push buttons with the ability of 4 doses per group. There can be a Fully Automatic Coffee Group with self-expulsion of the coffee grounds. It has an hourly capacity of a large number of coffee selections. There can also be a Single Group with Programmable Electronic Volumetric dosage (four different doses + continuous).

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