Compulsory Kitchen Equipment for Your Restaurant

Published on September 16th, 2015 | By Admin

Any restaurant requires commercial kitchen equipment and the requirement of commercial equipment for a restaurant varies from one restaurant to another. If you are thinking to open a new restaurant in Kolkata with detailed menu, you need to have highly structured kitchen equipment in Kolkata. A restaurant generally offers cold and hot foodstuff and beverages. For basic things like tea, coffee, salads, noodles, sandwiches, and pastas necessary equipment is compulsory for efficient procedure and safety. Have a look on the essentials for a commercial restaurant kitchen.

Kitchen Equipment
Kitchen Equipment in Kolkata

Grills & Freezers:

Grills & Freezers are indispensable kitchen equipment and come in different sizes. As foodstuff can’t be used immediately all the time, you can store your foodstuff in a freezer for future uses. Consider stand-up refrigerators, chest freezers, and walk-in freezers that are typically found in restaurant kitchens. Gas grills are customary equipment in restaurant kitchens, because grill or gas heat is consistent for smooth cooking. Restaurants that are planning to serve alcoholic or non alcoholic beverages and ice cream, automatic ice machines are necessary for them.


Dishwashers are essential to restaurant business. One can go for hand washing stations as well. Several commercial dishwashers keep water set at a temperature and dispense dish-washing liquid automatically. Keep your hand-washing station free from food born bacteria to prevent illness.

Prep Tables:

Many restaurants use stainless steel prep tables. Prep tables make the most of your space and can allow easy access to the refrigerated items. Depending on the configuration of your restaurant kitchen, one can get stainless steel prep tables attached or free from the equipment.

No matter what, apart from all the basic equipment, make sure safety equipment such as fire extinguishers are installed there in your kitchen. There should be a restaurant first aid kits for accidental occurrences that commonly happen in kitchens.  Make sure all the equipment can be installed effortlessly and they are easy to maintain. Do maintain the safety protocols while using.

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