A Commercial Kitchen – the Basic Idea

Published on November 20th, 2015 | By Admin

When you are just out of your hotel management institute and your eyes are shining with the dreams of serving to the platter of people around the world you are probably forgetting one thing. You are probably lacking the basic ideas of commercial kitchen. If you are going to start your career with working in some reputed hotel or food chain you will be able to gain enough experience to start your own venture. But if you are thinking to start you own venture you need to know the basic things about commercial kitchen the equipment that are needed for the setup.

Catering Equipment

There are three basic types of commercial catering equipment that are extremely necessary in a commercial kitchen.

  • Cooking equipment
  • Storage equipment
  • Exhaust equipment

Cooking Equipment

Cooking equipment of a commercial kitchen consist fryers, burners and utensils. It is the most important part of any commercial kitchen. When you are thinking to cater a large number of people in the food chain that you have opened cooking equipment is the first thing that you need to invest in the first place. The size and type of this equipment is dependent on the type of business you are going to set up. Surely the requirements of a bar won’t be the same with the restaurant.

Storage Equipment

When you are opening up a food chain that is going to cater to a number of people you need to store food items too. Cabinet and freezers are essential for a commercial kitchen. It is important to know your requirements. It is also necessary to know about the durability of the freezer and cabinet too.

Exhaust Equipment

Kitchen is the place where you are going to spend most of the time of your day. So, make the place hygienic for you and your colleagues. Exhaust equipment is necessary for the place to keep dry and clean.

As you know about the basic things about the commercial kitchen equipment now you can proceed with the idea of setting up the commercial kitchen.

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