Turnkey Kitchen Equipment for Hotel and Restaurant is the Best Idea Ever

Published on October 9th, 2018 | By Admin

Turnkey kitchen equipment

For someone dissimilar to the phrase, a ‘Turnkey kitchen projects’ implies that the client will just have to use a key to have the job or design up and moving. Giving the customer the time to concentrate on their theory, their company and all the different tasks required in starting or re-launching a market.

Turnkey solution project directors are skilled at controlling every component of a full-service design, making use of various disciplines from back of home furnishings and layout to front of apartment furniture and interiors.  Input from the patient is decreased, making turnkey solutions cost-effective and efficient.

Clients can require a turnkey solution design to be repeated to them and fully operable when people are available.

So why take a turnkey providing builder for your subsequent project?  Turnkey solutions take the pull out of plans, with one multi-discipline architect to prepare rather than many entrepreneurs.

With one architect, projects are usually more efficient, saving time and money.

The team has several times of practice in delivering turnkey resolutions in all types of entertainment setting. Their in-house expertise includes layout internal fit-out & interior design, furniture, & displays, back-of-house kitchen design bespoke front-of-house countering layout, ventilation systems & cooking platforms.

This has a demonstrated record in producing turnkey commercial kitchens, companies and devices including both fronts of apartment and back of the home on time and inside the budget.

In 2016 this has handed over a 306-cover establishment and cuisine to a very nice control unit at the Poplars Garden site in Dunstable.  On this project, Space was really able to flex their form muscles, including a complicated mix of side rooms, booth seats, bench seats, and tub rooms. Feature match days, and – to build a real sense of theatre for the dinner-in customers – a pizza preparation & food area with distressed wood plank fascia and built-in live fire pizza oven was introduced as a primary feature. One can even search for Turnkey kitchen equipment as well.


It needs to cater for 1500 students and staff every day of the week.  Onward with this very busy cafeteria, this plan also beckoned for a stand-alone ‘Soup to Go’ café server producing a variety of meals and refreshments during break periods and a board technology education kitchen that would allow providing students to get their BTEC skills in an authentic food scene. “Bestekloza” is one such reliable company whose been manufacturing some of the world class Turnkey kitchen equipment for decades now.

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