The Basic Things about a Commercial Kitchen that You Need to Know

Published on January 7th, 2016 | By Admin

When you are coming out of your hotel management institute with the shining degree in your hand and the glimmering dreams of serving the world with amazing dishes you are surely thinking about setting up your venture. To start a venture your degree is not enough. It is rather the stepping stone. There are many practical aspects of the business of food chain that you need to concentrate on. One of those factors is finding a right kitchen equipment supplier and purchasing the right equipment.

If you are thinking about joining some reputed food chain in the beginning of your career then you are going to get enough experience by the time you will start your new venture. But if you are thinking to start your new venture you are absolutely at the right place.

Before you set out to buy kitchen equipment take a look of the basic types of it.

Kitchen Equipment
Kitchen Equipment

There are three types of basic kitchen equipment,

  • Cooking equipment
  • Storage
  • Exhaust equipment

Cooking Equipment

The main thing in a commercial kitchen should be the cooking equipment. Burners, fryers and ovens can be considered as the cooking equipment. They are essential part of a kitchen. The size and capacity of it depend on your requirements. It is obvious that the need of a bar won’t be same as that of a restaurant. You need to choose the equipment according to the type of your business.


When you are running a business of food chain you need to have a right storage place installed in your kitchen. You need to store vegetables and meat. Cabinet and refrigerator are essential. When you are buying the equipment for your home you need to take care of the utility as well as the look. But for your commercial kitchen, invest on the items that are flexible and durable. Designs and look hardly matter.

Exhaust Equipment

It is important to keep the atmosphere in your kitchen clean and tidy. Keep it damp free and dry with proper exhaust equipment. Kitchen is the place where you are going to spend most of the time in a day. So it is important to keep it clean and hygienic.

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