The Basic Knowledge of Industrial Kitchen Equipment

Published on September 24th, 2015 | By Admin

Today is the day when you will be standing on the dais of your hotel management institute and receiving the degree and your loved one will be clicking the pictures of your bright smile. But while doing this you will probably think about satisfying the platter of food lover in the world. If you are thinking about joining some reputed food chain then you will be able to gain some notable experience that will help you in future. But if you are thinking to start your venture independently from the beginning it is surely going to be a little tough for you.

To set up for a new industrial kitchen needs a lot of homework. You need to know the best deals, where to find the best equipment, how to attract more customers and most importantly the basic types of industrial kitchen equipment. If your situation is same you are at the right place. Take a look.

Industrial Kitchen Equipment
Industrial Kitchen Equipment

There are three main types of commercial kitchen equipment.

  • Cooking equipment
  • Refrigeration equipment
  • Exhaust equipment

Cooking Equipment

Burners, fryers and ovens are included in cooking equipment section. This equipment is extremely necessary for any commercial kitchen. What cooking equipment and of which size is needed depends on what you are planning to do. The nature of your business will decide how much you need to invest in cooking equipment. It is obvious that the requirements of a bar and a hotel won’t be same.

Refrigeration Equipment

Since you are working in a commercial kitchen you need to stock foods and vegetables alike. For that you need proper refrigeration process. It will help you to store all the food items that you won’t use for the day.

Exhaust Equipment

It is the area where you and your coworker are going to spend the most part of your day. That is why this area should be hygienic. The right and proper placement of exhaust equipment ensures that you work in a dry, cooler and hygienic environment.

Since now you know the basic types of industrial kitchen equipment you are good to go.

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