The Staple Restaurant Equipment For Every Commercial Kitchen

Published on August 7th, 2020 | By Admin

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There are some staple Indian Restaurant Equipment that are needed in every commercial or industrial kitchen. Read to know more about those equipment in this blog.

Running a commercial kitchen is a load of work. One has to keep their kitchen space updated with new and advanced kinds of the best Indian Restaurant Equipment. While most of this equipment is expensive, one should take care of them to prevent the chances of breakdowns. Here are some staple commercial restaurant types of equipment which are used in every big kitchen space on a daily basis.  

Types Of Equipment Required In Commercial Kitchens:

Commercial Shelving:

This is one of the major requirements in every kitchen. Shelves are necessary to store food items like non-perishable items. They also help in keeping the food service establishments neatly organized. One can store the dinnerware and cooking utensils for better functioning. They construct the shelves for heavy-duty usage. These equipment are usually made of durable material so that one does not have to change them frequently. They hold a huge number of products without buckling. The racks feature epoxy coatings so that they stay resistant to rust and other damage. One can use them in all kinds of weathers like a humid environment.


This is critical equipment required in every commercial kitchen. A proper refrigerator setting prevents food from melting and spoiling. However, the needs for refrigeration units according to the capacity and the features of the restaurant. There are a wide variety of refrigeration units available in the market that one can choose from. But it will largely depend on the necessity of the kitchen. This is a major Industrial Kitchen Equipment. 

Commercial Grills:

In commercial grills, the heat is applied dry and direct and radiates heat to the surface of the food which is being prepared. The grills are very useful in preparing steaks, therefore becoming essential equipment in many restaurants. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and also making it comparatively easier for one to find the correct design for their own commercial kitchen.

Grills prepare a plethora of meat dishes. Making space for this equipment is not difficult since it is not too huge. Many cooks prefer cooking on grills than gas ovens since the fat comes out easily and the meat is render properly.

Ice Machines:

While almost every restaurant serves beverages, they also need to find a place to store the bottles of drinks cool. Ince machines are necessary as soda fountains. We need ice to serve cold water and cold drinks. Ice is also a major ingredient to blend drinks like smoothies, alcoholic slushies and margaritas.

Grease Traps:

Usually, a lot of grease, solid dirt and sediments enter the plumbing system causing a breakdown of machinations and resulting in expensive repairs. It is, therefore, always wise to protect the system by installing a  grease trap. One can attach them to prep sinks, inside commercial dishwashers, as well as other equipment which is connect to the plumbing. These traps are made to catch all the dust and dirt particles so that they do not drain inside the pipes. This way, the owner saves a lot of overhead costs on repairs and maintenance.

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