Set Up a New Industrial Kitchen with the Snap of your Finger

Published on November 24th, 2015 | By Admin

Have you decided the place where you are going to start your venture of commercial kitchen? Have you thought of the setup and what you are going to offer to your potential customers? Do you know that before you start with these factors you need to know the basics of industrial kitchen? Getting a degree from the hotel management institute was quite a tough task. Once you are through it you are going to make it big in future for sure.

Industrial Kitchen Equipment
Industrial Kitchen Equipment

But before you start your own venture you should get some experience from working in already established food chains. If you are about to start all by yourself you are absolutely at the right place. Before you proceed to setup a kitchen you should know about the basic things of cooking appliances. Take a look.

There are basic three types of industrial appliances,

  • Cooking appliances
  • Storage
  • Exhaust

Cooking Appliances

This is the most essential part of your industrial kitchen. Fryers, burners and utensils are the vital part of commercial kitchen. These are the important industrial cooking appliances. The size and quantity depends on the requirements of your business. It is obvious that the requirement of a restaurant will be different from that of a bar.


 Storage is an important part of an industrial kitchen. When you are dealing with large quantity you need to install a proper storage space in your commercial kitchen too. It is obvious that you will need to store vegetables and meat for future use. Also the spices should be kept at some safe and dry place. Installing a proper storage in your commercial kitchen is the second important thing.


Kitchen is the space where you are going to spend most of the time of your day. When you are dealing with the food of too many people you need to be conscious about the hygiene too. Installing right exhaust equipment in the commercial kitchen is important.

Since now you have got a fair idea about the basic steps of setting up a commercial kitchen now you are good to go.

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