Maintenance free kitchen equipment for commercial cooking

Published on January 30th, 2016 | By Admin

Today’s fast paced life and changing lifestyle have made life so easy, that even the most difficult things are feasible with one tap of a finger!

Due to which most of us order our lunch or dinner home or enjoy a beautiful dining, out with your beloveds, at your favourite restaurant.

If, such is the case then the owners of commercial restaurants must keep these parameters in mind – Sumptuous cooking, customer satisfaction and last but not the least good reception and service is what makes your restaurant a lasting impression on your customer’s mind.

Kitchen Equipment
                                         Kitchen Equipment

However, you have won nearly “half the battle” if you set up your restaurant with the finest kitchen equipment.

Chefs no matter how much expertise knowledge they would have in this domain, it is tough to prepare memorable meals without the right kitchen accessories.

Recently an article on financial express highlights the story on “Maintenance free commercial kitchen equipment”, as commercial cooking is quite different from normal cooking, it is necessary you chose your kitchen accessories right !

Barbeque nation, one of the finest dining place, has now collaborated with CKI (Customized Kitchen India) for all its kitchen equipments which not only helps in selecting the right components but also keeps in mind durability, safety and operational efficiency.

For instance:

To make tandoori , clay and stone top were used which eventually cracks and makes it inconvenient to use it again.

However, CKI has suggested for an alternative, which comprises of stainless body tandoori with double high quality insulation which helps in preparing authentic tandoori besides having a traditional touch associated with it.

In addition, better table grill equipment with adjustable grating and perfect air ventilation has been suggested to reduce coal usage.

The bottom line is that, CKI helps to curb the costs keeping budget in mind as maintenance of kitchen equipment incurs high costs. On the other hand, it helps in increasing staff efficiency thus adding up to your service.

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