Maintaining The Overall Hygiene Of A Commercial Kitchen

Published on March 20th, 2020 | By Admin


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It is not enough to use commercial kitchen appliances to maintain overall functioning. Kitchen hygiene is a big aspect of any commercial kitchen. It is very important to ensure that the kitchen premises, kitchen staff, and kitchen space are not hygienically compromised. Most of the Commercial Kitchen Appliances come with guidelines on how to maintain and clean it. You must adhere to it totally. Here are some ways by which you can ensure and maintain commercial kitchens in a hygienically better way.

Maintaining Commercial Kitchen Hygiene

Kitchen Staff Hygiene: First and foremost it is always important to train the kitchen staff to maintain their own hygiene and cleanliness. Encourage the kitchen staff to always wear an apron, gloves, and head-cap – irrespective of their position of work. Keep soap dispensers at different corners and inculcate in the kitchen staff the habit of washing their hands before and after their delegated task. This way the chain and habit of cleanliness will be maintained.

Kitchen And Serving Equipment Cleanliness:

You compromise with a majority of the commercial kitchen hygiene when the kitchen equipment or serving equipment is not clean enough. So, make it a rule to have the equipment cleaned from time to time. Remember each equipment may require different modes of cleaning. If you are dealing with a commercial kitchen and serving equipment then do not clean the equipment without properly knowing the correct method to do so. Clean the equipment roughly or without knowing the right method to do so, you may end up damaging the equipment. Maintaining the equipment well not only will it help in maintaining the hygiene level but also help in keeping the equipment good for a long time. Cleaning should always end in letting the equipment dry completely before the next use.

Kitchen Area Cleanliness

This is also one major requirement of every commercial kitchen. Often we clean the kitchen equipment but keep the cooking and dishwashing area dirty. This does not help in maintaining the hygiene of the overall kitchen. From regularly disposing of the garbage to keeping the cooking and serving area clean and dry is also important. This practice will help maintain the overall cleanliness of your eatery.

These are the three key areas in a commercial kitchen which are important to maintaining the hygiene of the eatery. Alongside, if you wish to improve the overall quality and productivity you need to use the best commercial kitchen equipment. For that, you can use commercial kitchen appliances from Bestekloza.

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