Know the Perfect Placement of Any Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Published on February 15th, 2017 | By Admin

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No doubt, that there is array of commercial refrigeration equipment in the market. The commercial kitchen manufacturers try to supply the most advanced model of refrigeration equipment to every commercial kitchen. The choice of selecting the right equipment for your kitchen depends upon your need. The variety is obviously endless but it is also important that the features which are installed in the equipment must serve the purpose and the food stays suitable for consumption.

The Environment Criteria

In this refrigeration equipment the temperatures range between 34 degrees F to 40 degrees F. Also, the temperature of the freezer ranges between -10 degrees F to 0 degrees F. While before buying any commercial kitchen equipment in India it is important that you check out certain criteria. The foremost thing which you have to notice is the environment surrounding any equipment.

How the environment effects?

As already stated the working of such refrigeration equipment certainly depends on the surrounding. The equipment will work the best when kept in the proper surrounding. If any glass door refrigeration equipment is purchased and is placed in front of the hot working kitchen then absolutely the equipment will stop working after some months either or it will start giving troubles. Moreover, you will soon see that the compressor of the equipment has started giving problems.

So, which is the correct location?

It is important that before setting up such expensive refrigeration equipment you must know where they should place in any commercial kitchen. Definitely, if you place any such refrigeration equipment in front of the wood-fired pizza then the equipment will not work properly. Thus, it is obvious that these kinds of refrigerators should not be placed closed heat-emitting equipment. On the other hand, the temperature will absolutely be maintained in the proper working level and no such disturbances will arise only when the equipment are placed in the correct location. Moreover, be certain that you have placed the equipment in such a place where it will be easy to clean the equipment properly as well as suitable for inspecting the equipment. Also, keep in mind that the refrigeration equipment should be located in such a place from where servicing could be done easily.

Criteria for space

The place where the equipment is located must be free from all kind of obstruction from behind as well as there should be adequate space for ventilation. It is also important that you should see that the height of the ceiling of any commercial kitchen should not be less than 8 feet.

Make a proper decision

You have to aware of all the necessary information before placing the order for any kitchen equipment. Never take a decision in the hurry because you will end up in making wrong decisions.

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