Ensure Proper Cleanliness And Hygiene Of Hotel Kitchen Equipment

Published on February 12th, 2020 | By Admin

Hotel Kitchen Equipment in kolkata


Commercial kitchens have the word ‘kitchen’  in it but it is much more than a kitchen. A commercial kitchen has to function as a factory with the staff and the kitchen equipment working in perfect coordination. It is important to ensure that the Hotel Kitchen Equipment services are in as good order as the performance of the staff. Together they can make the magic happen in the commercial kitchen. But one of the key necessities of any Hotel or eatery is serving hygienically prepared food. Cleanliness and hygiene are thus of paramount importance.

Maintaining Kitchen Hygiene And Cleanliness

  • The kitchen staff must always wear aprons, a cap, and gloves which are as per the area in which they are working. But wearing these alone is not enough, they also need to see to it that the apron or gloves that they are using are neat and tidy enough. Regular washing of these clothes is also needed.


  • Washing is one of the key factors in maintaining hygiene but it is equally important to see to it that the pre-cleaning and post-cleaning processes are also maintained as per order. Like there should be a designated place where you can keep the utensils for washing. Similarly after washing the utensils must be kept at a designated place which is neat and dry. This way you will not compromise with the hygiene as well. Also after washing the plates and utensils you must dry them very neatly and keep at a proper place where there can be no dust or grime.


  • Garbage disposal is also an important aspect. Always ensure that you dispose of the garbage periodically so that the garbage does not stack up and create any hygiene challenge. There should be staff who will remember to do this periodically. Similarly, ensure that the kitchen area is always clean. Entrust a group of staff who will clean the ovens and floor every now and then. A clean kitchen is not just good for hygiene but also easy to work.


  • Also after every shift, we must wash the kitchen gadgets and equipment. We must use these gadgets once we clean them. Keep a group of staff who will do that. This will not only be helpful in terms of health and hygiene but also in terms of the longevity of the kitchen equipment.

These are certain points you need to maintain in the kitchen to maintain cleanliness and hygiene:

But above all good kitchen equipment will make your work easier and improve your kitchen efficacy. If you wish to buy good hotel kitchen equipment In Kolkata you can trust Bestekloza for the best quality equipment.

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