Does your hotel kitchen have the required equipments?

Published on May 19th, 2014 | By Admin

Proper kitchen equipments are required for tasty food. But commercial kitchen equipments are different from home kitchen equipments. Commercial kitchen equipments are mainly used for hotels, restaurants and hostels and canteens.

Buying proper hotel kitchen equipments is very important for the success of the business. The chefs working in hotel kitchens should find everything within their hand’s reach so that they don’t have to go all around the kitchen looking for it. This will save their time and they will also be able to concentrate more on cooking. Tasty food is the main key that unlocks the door of success in hotel business. Perfect delicacies spread across the table will not only maintain the present customer but will invite new customers as well. Several hotel kitchen equipments such as chapatti makers, dosa makers, chilli cutters, potato slicers have proved to be huge hits.

Chapatti makers can roll out several round and even chapattis in just few minutes, which is not possible manually. It is very tough to make chapattis in hotels, canteens as the demand is very high. While in hurry to make chapattis, it is not always possible to roll them perfect round and even. Three kinds of chapatti makers are available in the market- semi-automatic, automatic and fully automatic.


One won’t believe but a dosa maker can make about four hundred dosas in an hour, which is practically impossible manually. From spreading the batter evenly to proper roasting, the dosa maker can do it all. It has several features such as time setting, temperature control, etc.

Chillies are required in almost all food items. Hence there should always be good supply of sliced chillies. Chilli cutters cut a huge number of chillies and make the task easy and save a lot of time. Same applies for potato slicers which can slice four –five potatoes at once and make them ready for frying into potato chips.

To have the proper hotel kitchen equipments in kitchen contacting a turnkey contractor is a smart decision. Turnkey contractors will offer a tailor made solution with nothing to worry about.

Proper hotel kitchen equipments spell the success story of the business. To ensure that only the best service is meted out to the customer, one may consult turnkey contractors and have perfect solutions for kitchen related problems.

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