Delicious Baked Rasagolla Palate to Gorge on This Festive Season

Published on October 28th, 2016 | By Admin

Baked Rassogolla Making MachineFestivities are thoroughly incomplete without the consumption of sweets. It’s time to let loose and pamper yourself and your loved ones with the amazing variety of sweets made available in the commercial sweet corners.

Keeping aside the cultural diversity, if there is something that states Bengal and Bengalis apart is their immense love for food. Complete foodies by nature, the Bengali masses make it a point to savour every bit of the food that they eat. You can in fact dedicate this intense love of food that adds on to the immense popularity of Bengali cuisine not just in Bengal but all across the globe. Speaking of Bengali cuisine, sweets cannot be left behind. When in town, you can hardly find a locality in the streets of different places in Kolkata that are deprived of a commercial sweet corner. Eventually transforming into one of the largest businesses, these corners have been catering to the sweet cravings of thousands of sweet lovers all across the nation.

When taste meets health

Being the foodies that they are, there is no denying the fact that sweets lovers take the required precautions to make sure that they do not harm their health in any way in the process of doing so. Technology has proved to be a boon for all in this case. In earlier times, people followed the conventional ways of making sweets where they did not have the scope of reinvention to a great extent. However, with the advent of new machines made it a point to make new innovations that not just added to the taste, but also to the health quotient of the same.

Bakes rasagollas are one of the finest innovations that have been made in the genre of sweets. Though not much expected in its initial days, bakes rasagollas have become a hot favourite among sweet fanatics in the recent years. One of the greatest advantages that you get to derive from a rasagolla that is baked is that you get to spare yourself from consuming fried stuff. A treat for the mouth, you can in no way get yourself satisfied with just one of these.

Recipe to prepare a baked rasagolla

Commercial kitchens generally have a baked rasagolla making machine that help them churn out large quantities of rasagollas at the same time. However, if you lack the basic knowledge of preparing a baked rasagolla, let me help you out with a very basic recipe of the same.

Ingredients required:

    • 14 rosogollas 
    • 1 cup mewa otherwise known as khoya 
    • 14 oz. or 400 grams of sweetened milk in condensed form 
    • 1/2 cup milk 
    • 1/2 tbsp. of cardamom powder
    • drops of rose water as required
    • Required strands of quality saffron
    • 1 tbsp. of slivered almonds


Compress the rasagollas in between the palm of your hands to squeeze out all the sugar syrup present in it. You get to see the rasagolla get back to its original shape once it is done. Spread them out in a proper fashion on baking tray for future use. Now heat a pan using medium heat and add the required ingredients. Turn off the heat once you get to witness a boil. Cover all the rasagollas evenly with equal quantity of kheer. Make sprinklings of saffron along with almonds and bring it to a boil for another 6 minutes. Serve cold or hot as per required.

It’s time to delve into the heavenly taste of baked sweets melting in your mouth!!

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