Cook Smart, Cook Fast – All You Need to Know about Kitchen Equipment

Published on June 30th, 2015 | By Admin

Holding the glorious degree in your hand you must be thinking that soon you are going to win the world with your culinary expertise. People are going to crowd at the front door of your restaurant and treat their taste buds with the awesome dishes that will come out of

Industrial Kitchen Equipment
Industrial Kitchen Equipment

your kitchen. Now, all of these sound nice and dandy. But you are probably clueless about where to start from.

If you have a plan to join some eminent hotel and start your career from there, you are on the beneficial side. By the time you will start your venture, you will be enough experienced. But if you are thinking of starting your venture now, then you are at the right place.

Before you are going to buy the commercial kitchen equipment you need to know about the types of the equipment.
There are three main types of kitchen equipment,

• Cooking equipment

• Refrigeration equipment

• Exhaust equipment

Cooking Equipment

The ovens, fryers and burners are cooking equipment. How much bigger oven you should opt for is completely dependent upon the customer capacity you are going to handle. If you are running a bar your needs will be different from that of a posh eatery. Make sure that you know or already decided what kind of business you are going to set up.

Refrigeration Equipment

When you have a huge business you need to set a bigger refrigerator in your kitchen. You will need to store meat, food and many other things in the kitchen. When you are buying the refrigerator for your home you need to take care of the look of it at the same time with the utility. On the other hand you need to think about the size and the utility of the refrigerator when you are buying it for your commercial kitchen. You need to think about the longevity and the durability of the refrigerator as well.

Exhaust Equipment

To keep the atmosphere in the kitchen clean and hygienic exhaust equipment is essential. When you are spending hours in the kitchen you need to make sure that the atmosphere in the kitchen is quite healthy.

Now as you know about the basic types of kitchen equipment you can go and shop fearless.

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