Commercial kitchen design- the key to successful food business

Published on October 6th, 2014 | By Admin

For the success of the business, proper commercial kitchen design is quite important. Select a reputed commercial kitchen equipment supplier in Kolkata to design your kitchen at affordable price.

For the success of the business, proper commercial kitchen design is quite important. While designing kitchen, there are certain requirements that needs consideration. The food space is one such consideration.

Commercial Kitchen Design
Commercial Kitchen Design

In a commercial kitchen, you need to consider the number of services that are provided. Number of services include the numbers of people who are to be served, those who are expected to self service, plated services and cafeteria services.

This applies for cooking areas also. The serving should have hot and cold drinks sections. Other sections that are equally important in a food preparation section include dish and pot water sections. Cutlery and cookery area and waste removal areas. The cooking techniques that will be used will also play a very important role in how a kitchen is organized.

It should be fireproof to avoid the possibility of catching fire. This exhaust should be installed in such a way that it emits upwards through the ceiling.

You should have alternative menu if there is a space limitation.The number of customers that are served at a particular period is also very important. There may be times when the number of customers increases.There are times when the customer number increases pretty much. If it is a predictable trend then alternatives should be sought to avoid rushing and mix up that happen during such times. With all this in mind commercial kitchen design and planning will be easier.

There are several commercial kitchen equipment suppliers in Kolkata. Select a reputed supplier who will assist in design your kitchen and that too at affordable price.

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