How Catering Equipment is Necessary in Commercial Kitchen

Published on February 16th, 2016 | By Admin

Setting up a commercial kitchen can be a tricky task. When you are coming out of the hotel management institute carrying your glorious degree in your hand you must be dreaming of serving to the people of the world. But in most of the cases these institutes don’t teach the basic part of setting up a commercial kitchen. If you are thinking of joining a reputed food chain you are going to be benefitted. When you will be starting your own venture you will be enough experienced about the set up. But when it comes to a new venture and you are inexperienced it will become difficult for you to start. Make sure that you get the knowledge about the basic things of a commercial kitchen.

Catering Equipment

The basic step of a commercial kitchen is to know about the required equipment.

There are three basic types of kitchen equipment,

  • Cooking equipment
  • Storage equipment
  • Exhaust equipment


Cooking Equipment


Cooking equipment is important as it is the main catering equipment in the commercial kitchen. Burners, ovens, fryers and the utensils are considered to be cooking equipment. The size and the quantity depend on the size of your business. The requirement of a bar and a family restaurant will be different. So, the type of business also works as a deciding factor of the requirement of a commercial kitchen.

Storage Equipment


Storage is necessary when it comes to deal with a vast food chain. You need to store food, vegetables and meat in the kitchen. That is why the storage is necessary. Cabinet and refrigerator are the storage equipment in a commercial kitchen. While purchasing this equipment you need to think about the durability and the functionality of it as there will be many people who will be handling them.

Exhaust Equipment


To keep the atmosphere in the commercial kitchen clean and tidy you need right exhaust equipment. For that you need to install the exhaust equipment that will keep the kitchen clean and dry and make cooking hygienic.

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