How Can You Gear Up Your Hotel For The ‘New Normal’?

Published on June 3rd, 2020 | By Admin

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We all have to learn to accept the ‘new normal’. Here are general and Hotel Kitchen Requirements to gear up for the new normal situation for your hotel,

After many days of lock-down the good news is that gradually the lock-down will be lifted in small phases. Also a good news for the restaurant and hotel business is that they are now permitted to function with certain restrictions and limitations. So, those in the hotel and restaurant industry are gearing up their Hotel Kitchen Requirements for the forthcoming days. Read here to know what are the different changes and additions hotels need to do for opening their doors to customers after the lock-down.

Rearranging Hotels And Restaurants For Opening Up Post COVID19:

Create Spaces:

Social distancing will be the norm from now on and for that creating space is important. You may have to rearrange your seating arrangements to accommodate less number of people and with more inter-seat spaces. The same rule applies for the kitchen as well. You may have to rearrange your kitchen and set the work-counters away from each other. Also place a restriction on the number of staff entering the kitchen at a time.

New Dress Code:

Introduce the ‘new normal’ dress-code among your staff. Provide them a fresh set of dresses which they would come and wear only during their working hours. Arrange for a spare set and provide scope for laundry of the used set too. These may seem to be expensive propositions but are much needed and will work very well in the long run. Masks and gloves will definitely be compulsory.

Sanitization And Hygiene:

Sanitization and hygiene are important parts of the new normal lifestyle. Adapt the same for your hotel too. Keep sanitizers handy at every corner. Ensure that your staff wash their hands regularly. Keep provision for your guests to wash their hands also. Sanitize your place regularly as well. Sanitization of kitchen tools and equipment and serving equipment must be sanitized regularly as well. Rain your staff well so that they know how to handle equipment with least human touch.

Safety Measures:

Staff safety will mean safety for your hotel as well. Alongside it is equally important to ensure that your guests are COVID19 free too. So make thermal testing at the entrance mandatory – whether it is for the guests or for the staff. In case any of your staff is found to be having temperature, just do not send him home, ensure that he does follow-up treatment. Also oversee their treatment so that they are totally cured.

These are basic rules which you can follow in the new system once your hotel reopens. New normal is not just about masks – it is about overall safety and security as well. If you wish to buy a new set of kitchen equipment post lock-down then choose Bestekloza for the best deals.


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