Does your hotel kitchen have the required equipments?

Does your hotel kitchen have the required equipments?

Published on May 19th, 2014 | By Admin

Proper kitchen equipments are required for tasty food. But commercial kitchen equipments are different from home kitchen equipments. Commercial kitchen equipments are mainly used for hotels, restaurants and hostels and canteens.

Buying proper hotel kitchen equipments is very important for the success of the business. The chefs working in hotel kitchens should find everything within their hand’s reach so that they don’t have to go all around the kitchen looking for it. This will save their time and they will also be able to concentrate more on cooking. Tasty food is the main key that unlocks the door of success in hotel business. Perfect delicacies spread across the table will not only maintain the present customer but will invite new customers as well. Several hotel kitchen equipments such as chapatti makers, dosa makers, chilli cutters, potato slicers have proved to be huge hits.

Chapatti makers can roll out several round and even chapattis in just few minutes, which is not possible manually. It is very tough to make chapattis in hotels, canteens as the demand is very high. While in hurry to make chapattis, it is not always possible to roll them perfect round and even. Three kinds of chapatti makers are available in the market- semi-automatic, automatic and fully automatic.


One won’t believe but a dosa maker can make about four hundred dosas in an hour, which is practically impossible manually. From spreading the batter evenly to proper roasting, the dosa maker can do it all. It has several features such as time setting, temperature control, etc.

Chillies are required in almost all food items. Hence there should always be good supply of sliced chillies. Chilli cutters cut a huge number of chillies and make the task easy and save a lot of time. Same applies for potato slicers which can slice four –five potatoes at once and make them ready for frying into potato chips.

To have the proper hotel kitchen equipments in kitchen contacting a turnkey contractor is a smart decision. Turnkey contractors will offer a tailor made solution with nothing to worry about.

Proper hotel kitchen equipments spell the success story of the business. To ensure that only the best service is meted out to the customer, one may consult turnkey contractors and have perfect solutions for kitchen related problems.


What are the essentials to buy commercial kitchen appliances and cabinets?

Published on May 14th, 2014 | By Admin

Although it is really profitable to start a restaurant but in order to reap favorable profit from the venture one needs to be really careful about handling the major challenges related to establishments offering services related to food.  Such ventures look for lots of investment in terms of finding the right place to start, setting up the kitchen and creating the appropriate ambiance by implementing the proper décor, making appropriate choices in terms of getting the various commercial kitchen appliances and deciding on the different forms of kitchen cabinets and other furniture and gadgets including their positioning. For this purpose one need to find out reputed kitchen appliance and kitchen cabinet manufactures. Once you reach the right ones the venture is bound to be a successful one.

Kitchen Cabinet

If one is going to buy the best range of commercial kitchen appliances in order to ensure durability and superior performance then it is likely that higher prices would be incurred.  At the same time they would be cost effective buys as well. In case you are going through a cash crunch for the time being then you can opt for second hand appliances and cabinets. If chosen with care then it can be a profitable deal indeed. It is easy to avail commercial ovens or stoves as seconds because they are often offered by the restaurant suppliers at great prices.

One can get the second hand equipments from restaurants which are renovating their set up  but it is really important to examining them carefully before you go ahead with buying the equipments and know why they are been disposed off by the owner actually. Else, there can be chances that you end up buying a defective kitchenware.

The same goes for second hand kitchen cabinets. They can be great bargains offering you the option to save big bucks in comparison to the purchase made from the leading kitchen cabinet manufacturers.  The only thing is that you need to follow the thumb rule of being careful and get them tested first before going ahead with the buy.


Having dreams of setting up a bistro? It is time to make it true

Published on May 7th, 2014 | By Admin

Everybody dreams but there are a very few who actually considers giving a shape to their dreams and transforming them into reality. Having a flourishing trade is not every body’s cup of tea but many aspire to become the most prominent businessman in today’s world. If the person has a well-determined mind set up and profound knowledge about the market then setting up of a trade becomes easier. Those who have keen interest in the food business and want to make a mark on the same can easily do so as the restaurant industry awaits their presence. With the increase in popularity of the fast food industry, more and more food hubs are getting established every day.

Industrial Cooking Appliances
Industrial Cooking Appliances

Every footpath in the city has innumerable food stalls offering various types of fast food which are although non-healthy but satisfy the hunger quotient of the pedestrians. Before starting up the business you will have to set some questions on your mind. What type of food you really want to provide to your customers, healthy or no-healthy? Which type of customers you would like to cater to, classy or all? If the answers to the above made questions are the former options then you may easily carry out with your plan and give effective shapes to your trading dreams.Setting up of commercial bistro becomes easy if you have the perfect industrial cooking appliances. Before purchasing them, one must have a thorough insight about what all is required to be bought.

The list of important cooking equipment includes toasters, refrigerators, heaters, non-stick pans, steamers, burners, peelers and many more. All the appliances must be bought with due care and attention.

If setting up of a food industry is your desire and you have fullest confidence in building up a food joint then you need to have a thorough insight about the commercial kitchen appliances.


Estimating Restaurant Costs: Few Essentials

Published on May 5th, 2014 | By Admin

Opening up a restaurant is not anyway an easy objective to accomplish. One needs to plan a lot in order to materialize the goal in a successful way. There are certain factors to be considered while opening up a restaurant. Firstly, one needs to find out the perfect location for setting up the establishment then the volume of the business and the customers to cater to needs to be found out. The list doesn’t end here anyway. The next steps include finding the staff members, sorting out the industrial cooking appliances, deciding on the menu and the quality of the food and creating the overall ambiance. Therefore, when all the points are been decided well then arises the need of considering the biggest element and it is all about deciding on the budget and allocating them to the different requirements. Procuring the right set of kitchen equipments is one of the most important factors in running the restaurant successfully. The best means to procure them adequately is by contacting a turnkey kitchen equipments supplier and thus the process would be methodical, effective and affordable.

Always plan the budget after keeping in mind that the actual expenditure might end up at a higher scale than what had been actually planned. Therefore, based on that ground one must explore the financing options. Here are some of the factors based on which the budget constraints can be estimated.

Industrial Cooking Appliances
Industrial Cooking Appliances

Location: This is one of the most significant elements to be considered and involves a favorable part of the expenditure. The properties in the downtown locations or a posh neighborhood for example would call for higher expenditure while the ones located in the suburbs or in the locality comprising of work class community would be favorably cheaper.

Permits and Licenses: Then comes the turn to get the necessary permits and licenses. They are the mandatory perquisites in order to run the business without any undue legal hassles.

Construction: Once you have selected the location then comes the turn of deciding on the construction or renovating an existing property. The budget should be decided first  as there are number of expenditure in this respect such as, construction materials, hiring professionals for construction, interior decoration,  furniture and umpteen other expenditures.

Marketing:  Planning the marketing campaigns, the promotional measures, surveys and researches is another important aspect. They also involve cost at a large scale. Thus, it impacts a budget to a great extent.  One needs to select the medium effectively in order to stick to the budget.  For instance, a local newspaper marketing campaign would be far more economical than a Television commercial.

Equipment and Security:  This is another important aspect and includes contacting the right kitchen equipments supplier and buying the right set of industrial cooking appliances and other kitchen equipments. The safety and security measures should also be implemented and thus the cost should be estimated likewise.

It is indeed a great business proposition to start up a restaurant. Here is a short guidance for the budding entrepreneurs willing to set their feet in the domain. Hope this helps.


How to buy hotel kitchen equipments?

Published on May 2nd, 2014 | By Admin

It is really important to make careful considerations while choosing the perfect set of hotel kitchen equipment for your establishment. The definition is important as it calls for a huge investment and hence the return should be high in terms of profit. The most important part lies in choosing one of the efficient kitchen equipment suppliers, taking adequate time to compare the different brands and their offerings. The testimonials of the existing users should be considered well before taking the decision. Last but not the least; be sure that the equipments you have chosen must fulfill your requirements appropriately.

First you must make a complete list of equipments for your hotel kitchen to complete all the operations perfectly. The size and scale of the establishment should be determined well as there are different requirements for furnishing the kitchen of a cafeteria, restaurant, hotel or a small canteen. Therefore, one needs to identify the need properly. This will make the job of choosing the kitchen equipment suppliers easier.

Hotel Kitchen Equipments
Hotel Kitchen Equipments

The goodwill and the quality of the offering by the major kitchen equipment brands should be explored and there lays the key to find out the very best. The factors that need to consider strictly include the performance and durability of the equipment, the warranty, and replacement and guarantee norms and the ease of operations. Gather both positive and negative feedback and take the ultimate decision.

While making the selection, never hesitate to raise questions as that will make you the gainer in term of the buy. You can even browse through the online resources. Look for the feedback of the consumers on the various message boards and can even peep through the complaint board in order to check the service of the manufacturers.  Many reputed kitchen equipment suppliers have their online stores and you can even order your products over there. This will save your time, energy and money at the same time.

Your affordability counts a lot while choosing a range of equipments. If you can afford then choose the best in the range and in case the budget is limited then you need to adjust a bit but never compromise on the quality of the product.

The first and foremost aspect of starting an establishment related to the service industry is to find the right set of hotel kitchen equipments. You must opt for the choices that will generate maximum ROI and will offer you absolute ease of operation.


Effective commercial kitchen designing for good cooking environment

Published on April 29th, 2014 | By Admin

A food hub or an eatery should always be well planned so that the employees can carry out with their work quite efficiently and come up with excellent outcome and customer satisfaction. The most important objective which drives every restaurant or hotel to work more proficiently is to earn a good reputation in the industry. By taking adequate care and attention, every eatery turns out to be the customers’ delight and they keep frequently visiting the hub for ordering food stuffs. In order to cater to every consumer, every restaurant takes proper attention in their commercial kitchen designs in order to provide the customers with absolutely marvelous food deliveries. A well thought out scullery lets the chefs and waiters work properly without any hindrances and thereby eliminating the risk of contamination of food.

A proper scullery requires adequate and spacious operating area for facilitating efficient working. Often it is seen that smaller rooms cause hampering of work leading to the common problem of getting banged and bumped into each other. A kitchen design should be effective enough so that everyone gets proper space for operating their individual work without getting bumped more than often. The common passage way should be broadened so that people can walk away comfortably.

commercial kitchen design.
The designs are necessarily developed according to the size of the customer length which it will be catering to. If the restaurant can accommodate 100 plus customers together under one roof comfortably then the kitchen design should always be huge. The chefs and waiters can work properly and peacefully in the large spacious rooms thereby leading to greater output. Again, the position of refrigerator and other commercial kitchen equipment should also be pondered upon. An industrial cooking room should be such big that it can easily accommodate all the commercial kitchen appliances quite easily and comfortably.

A spacious scullery is important to facilitate the job of the operators and let them work freely and comfortably. Effective commercial kitchen design is important for offering the customers with great food and delightful atmosphere.


A brief on cost effective – time saving and energy efficient kitchen equipments in India

Published on April 28th, 2014 | By Admin

The kitchen forms the most important part of a home. It can be referred as the space from where the major opinions, verdict and statements of a home generate. It is also one of the most used spaces in the household. The main significance of the kitchen lays its chosen range of accessories. If the range of kitchen equipments doesn’t befit well to the specific needs then the space tends to be incomplete. This stands apt for a home kitchen and a commercial kitchen. There are several reputed kitchen equipment suppliers and hence it is a mere easy task to find the best range of kitchen equipments after you decide on the specific ones needed for your purpose.

The utility of kitchen lies in their ability to save time and energy. This tends to save good bucks and hence stands out to be a profitable option for both home and commercial kitchen. The modern kitchen gadgets have simplified the lifestyle to a great extent. They have added the comfort quotient to the life of the people working in the kitchen to a great extent. The contemporary kitchen equipments are now available at a global scale. Hence, the equipments which are available abroad, one tends to get those kitchen equipments in India even. They just have a life altering effect and the gradual advancements and innovations in the field have made the situation much better.

kitchen equipment india

Points to be noted while buying kitchen equipment

While you move forward with buying kitchen equipment there are certain points you must consider well. Here are certain points which you must take into account while opting for your perfect choice. The most important ones are as follows,

• Less manual labor
• Energy efficient
• Environment friendly
• Easy instruction to follow
• Enjoying cooking

Some of the time saving appliances

• Convection Oven
• Coffee Maker
• Electric food chopper
• Micro Oven
• Rice Cooker
• Dish Washer
• Induction Cooker
• Food Processor
• Electric Grill

There are several kitchen equipments suppliers in India and hence it is not a difficult task to find out the right set of appliances but it is really important to make the perfect choice and get the accessories that are cost effective and both time and energy efficient.


Pre requisites of a commercial kitchen design

Published on April 25th, 2014 | By Admin

If you are planning to set up a commercial kitchen design and want to start it from the scratch then it would not be easier for you. It will take up a lot of time and energy for creating a beautiful scullery which is apt for carrying out commercial projects. Before implementing your plans you need to ponder attention upon some of the most important concerns related to setting up of your dream cook in.

(a) It is important to be knowledgeable about the property where your hotel is going to get constructed on. In the middle,if anywhere you find that the place is not suiting your commercial requirements and is creating hindrances in smoothly running the business then there is no point in investing. Designing an eatery for commercial purposes involves huge investment of money and if the hotel is not constructed on a suitable place then there is absolutely no point in investing in it.

Commercial Kitchen Design..

(b) Matter of health and hygiene should always be one of the most primary concerns of every hotelier who aims to satisfy the customers by providing good quality and healthy food stuff which is prepared in hygienic cooking environments. If the area is not hygienic enough then the idea of conceptualizing a restaurant or food eateries in that place is not worthy enough. Often restaurants are being made at distant places aiming to serve people travelling to far-off places. The prices of the lands are quite cheaper and this attracts many businessmen but before signing on the dotted lines, it is important to make sure that the place is at par with the standards.

(c) Once the design is made then the kitchen should be well-supplied with fire-extinguishers and fire exits. Owing to the nature of the work, breaking out of fire and smoke emission is quite natural. It is important to have adequate precautions and safety measures against such sudden break outs.

While designing a commercial kitchen it is important to make sure that everything is perfectly alright and nothing has been overlooked.


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