Aluminium vs. Stainless Steel– Who Is Your Kitchen’s Best Friend?

Published on September 10th, 2016 | By Admin

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When it comes to kitchen equipment Stainless Steel will forever pose to be your best friend owing to its versatility and kitchen friendly aspects. But when you attempt to understand the various aspects of the same, you might possibly find yourself in a fix.

What makes, understanding the material all the more difficult is the fact that there are several attributes to it. Speaking of attributes, I would like to throw light on a few essential points that will help you understand Stainless steel better.

The alloy included

Generally speaking of the term, an alloy is a proportional mixture of two metals. The quantity and type of alloy included in a stainless steel industrial kitchen equipment helps you derive the quality of the product. The simplest way to derive the quality of a steel equipment is to make use of a magnet. The lower the levels of magnetic feature perceived, the better the quality of the steel is.

Thickness of the equipment

Commonly termed the “gauge” of an equipment, this helps you identify the strength of the equipment. The lesser the gauge, the stronger the utensil appears to be. A higher level of gauge indicates that the equipment is not of the sufficient thickness. A 15 gauge equipment will always be thicker than an 18 gauge one.

Usage in worktables

Worktables are platforms that are used in a kitchen area to carry out preparation works. Activities like cutting and chopping of vegetables along with other lighter works are generally carried out in this station. The type of stainless steel worktable that you purchase generally depends on the work that you are willing to carry out.

Advantages of stainless steel over aluminium

A comparative study of both the metals will help you get an idea that a stainless steel equipment is way harder than an aluminium one. This is primarily due to the difference in the usage of alloys present in them. When you speak of their relative prices, it is actually difficult to come down to a level comparison, since the prices of both keep fluctuating. The price of both the products are based on the fluctuating prices of the raw materials used in their preparation. When you make use of an aluminium utensil back at your kitchenette, you are likely to experience unwanted scratches and dents on the surface of the utensil. Stainless steel does have an upper hand over the former in this case due to the hardness
and strength of its structure.

If an efficient commercial performance kitchen is what you aim to achieve, then opting for a stainless steel product might definitely prove to be beneficial. Enterprises like Bestek Loza make a point to serve their client base with the best in terms of variety, quality and price. If you are in an in an immediate need of a kitchen makeover, its time you go the Bestek way!

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