5 Tips to Keep in Mind When Entering the Canteen Business

Published on May 17th, 2016 | By Admin


The lucrative opportunities in the food business have attracted many business enthusiasts and the hectic lifestyle of the people at present have only enlarged the scope of this sector. The food service has many categories of business like restaurants, catering and canteens, gourmet trucks, etc. Among these I have chosen to talk about the understated Canteen Business that is crucial in many ways but is mostly mentioned in the grapevine in terms of their bad services – how the eaters have to put up a lot with the unpleasant taste and at some places and what how unhygienic their operations are. In the modern world of business, outsourcing turnkey kitchen projects has become a great practise that can also be seen in the big universities, offices, schools, etc. But if anyone really wants to go ahead with their plan of venturing into the canteen business, they need to take of a few things from their side. These are elucidated as follows:

Spread the Word About Your Exclusivity or Simplicity:


Promotions are obviously indispensable for success, whether you want to become an average or huge hit. The advertisements of canteens do not take the shape like that in case of other commercial eateries. However, to keep pace with time, you need to be noticed a little through digital or conventional media for expansion.

Research Before You Pick Your Golden Goose:


Your focus area should be crystal clear in your mind to achieve success. Whether you want to serve the students, the office employees or the factory workers, or you want to experiment with all since you have all the necessary capital, is totally your call. But it is advisable that you research which areas can yield maximum profit, plan your venture and then allocate as per your capacity. The turnkey commercial projects are available for all the sectors and so the execution can be rested on them.

A Medley of the Cuisines for the Much Needed Excitement:


The variety rules and this stands true even in case of a canteen. Whether you are serving for the young school students, or the vigorous college youths, or the stressed employees, all have a craving for “something special”, which varies according to taste and preferences. It’s not that you have to have an array of Italian, Mexican, Mediterranean, Continental, Chinese all under one roof. However, incorporating atleast some unique item on daily basis and having a menu with a room for a square meal and for satisfying the taste buds does the trick.

Stop Being Stern While People Complain of Hunger Pangs:


It is true that discipline is the prime requisite for the success of any venture, but a slight flexibility can make you the ‘Santa Claus of the consumers’. To be precise, you can extend your working hours or prepone the ignition of the gas stove if time demands so. This would not only lend a good impression of you, but also provide contentment to the starved.

Do Not Feed Filth to Your Food house:


This is perhaps the factor that can make you stand out of your league. Where the consumers of various canteen foods complain that the tidiness is the most compromised issue of the food service, you may set an example by bringing quality in their plates. After all, a job well done can only take you higher. Also, do not forget to avail your devices and vessels from a trusted commercial kitchen equipment supplier to take your mission of quality service forward.

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