Wet Cleaning Machine

Wet cleaning is a procedure for the professional cleaning of textiles in water without using organic solvents.

Sensitive, even non-washable textiles are cleaned in water at low liquor level with washing mechanics using intervals of short crush momentum and longer reaction times. This type of cleaning protect the fabrics against shrinkage, reduce the swelling tendency of natural fibers and increase the surface slide characteristics by agglomeration of colloids. Draining is achieved by extreme centrifugal acceleration in specifically designed wet cleaning machines.

The subsequent drying process is carried out with drum driers with optimized preservation of the textiles whose intelligent control and measurement technology dries the textiles to defined residual moisture values.

Wet cleaning uses water and biodegradable detergents, and it doesn’t use harmful solvents. The customers will love wet cleaning because it’s a sustainable, biodegradable process.Their garments will smell fresh and be cleaned gently but effectively.

Machine Internal Specifications