Grooming The Staff To Handle Hotel Kitchen Equipment in kolkata.

Published on September 25th, 2019 | By Admin

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Hotels and eateries need specialized equipment’s for kitchen requirements and there are companies which have specialization in commercial kitchen equipment’s. If you have a hotel or eatery in Kolkata, you may want to invest in good Hotel Kitchen Equipment In Kolkata because that will help you in improved productivity of your hotel. However it is equally important to ensure that the manager equips the hotel staff enough to properly handle the equipment’s and gadgets. What would you do for that?

1) Ask the supplier company to train the personnel and give a proper demo during the time of procurement of the equipment.

2) Ensure that staff for each particular section, who are to be directly involved in the operation of the equipment are present during the training and operate the Hotel Kitchen Equipment in kolkata in front of the experts from the supplier company so that they know that they are operating it in the right manner.

3) Arrange for staff training on handling of the equipment’s, every time new staff is inducted for the particular activity.

4) Keep a diagrammatic representation of the operation of the machine handy and displayed at a prominent place.

5) Avoid swapping of duties of staff if they are not equipped enough to handle the equipment’s. Wrong handling of equipment’s can actually be dangerous and cause damage o the equipment’s in he long run.

6) Much of the longevity of the equipment’s depends on the maintenance and upkeep of the equipment’s and so ensure that that staff regularly follow the norms of cleaning and maintaining the equipment’s in a right way so as to avoid damage and ensure a better maintenance of the equipment’s.

7) Regular cleaning of the equipment’s would not only ensure a smooth functioning but also ensure a healthy and hygienic functioning of your kitchen. So, do stress on regular cleaning of the equipment’s.

8) Maintain a roster of the annual maintenance schedule so that timely maintenance can take place. Those who are in charge of the equipment’s should also be careful about their management.

9) Delegate responsibilities on maintenance and cleaning so that each of the maintenance staff knows the type of maintenance actions he or she must take.


All these points are important indicators and ways by which you can maintain your kitchen equipment’s. However what is equally important is to procure branded items for longevity and service. For the best hotel Kitchen Equipment Kolkata produces you can totally depend on Bestekloza.



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