Vacuum Packing Machine

Its extraordinary design reduces the dimensions of the machine and improves its handiness ,

A large-volume cover-plate made of high thickness thermoformed Plexiglas,

Easily removable sealing bar,

Electronic control System featuring:1.6 languages selection,

2. Sealing, vacuum and gas time settings, with 1/10 sec scale,

3. Vacuum percentage and time left display,

4. 8 storable programmes,

5. A programme = automatic vacuum,

6. X programme = external suction,

7. Oil replacement signal,

8. Bush suction pump,

9. 5 mm thick, AISI 304 stainless steel, easy to clean plain vacuum chamber,

10. Extremely easy to clean thanks to the perfectly plain surface.

Optional Items:Gas and soft air release system,

Adjustable shelf sacs containing liquids,

Methacrylate containment tray.