• Structure in AISI 304 SS
  • Balanced cover in stainless steel with safety micro switch for the operation only with closed swing door
  • Extracable basket with trimmed drillings, built in AISI 304
  • Self braking motor with thermal safety switch
  • Four wall-fitted controls
  • Speed:720 rpm
  • Equipment On/off
  • Live control light
  • Cover lock control light
  • Adjustable timer
  • Controls on board of the machine
  • Drying cycle Start
  • Emergency switch
  • Rubber seal on the basement of the machine in order to absorb the vibrations and to reduce the seepage of dirt
  • Structure in AISI 304 stainless steel , thickness 20/10.
  • DRC700V version with inverter for changing revolutions/motor.



Model Exterior Dimension (mm) Basket Volume Load capacity (light/heavy) Power (w) Energy
DRC 700 630 X 820 X 900 54 It 9/15 1100 440 V/50Hz